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  1. Jul 2024
    1. whoever the Democratic nominee may be um anyone is preferable to uh the uh Prospect of a 00:10:40 Donald Trump emboldened by this decision and threatening to start imposing autocracy

      for - key insight - key issue of 2024 election is NOT which democrat to vote for, but to prevent autocracy at any cost

  2. May 2024
    1. e 28 avril, TotalEnergies assignait en justice Greenpeace France en raison de la publication d’un rapport qui interroge les calculs effectués par la multinationale sur ses émissions de CO2. La procédure, qui présente la particularité de reposer sur des dispositions du code monétaire et financier, vise notamment à faire interrompre toute diffusion actuelle ou à venir du rapport

      TotalEnergies versucht juristisch die weitere Publikation eines Greenpeace-Berichts zu verhindern, in dem aufgezeigt wird, dass die Angaben des Konzerns zu den eigenen CO2 Emissionen Greenwashing sind. Dieses Verfahren ist ein Beispiel für das mundtot machen von Journalisten mit Journal mit juristischen Mitteln gegen das sich jetzt eine Initiative zur Wehr setzt.


  3. Apr 2024
    1. Die Wirtschaftsminister Deutschlands, Frankreich und Italiens, die sich an Montag in Brüssel getroffen haben, sind sich in der Forderung nach einer gemeinsamen europäischen Industriepolitik einig. Die Energiewende spielt darin eine entscheidende Rolle. Bei vielen damit verbundenen Fragen, z.B. nach der Subventionierung der Solarindustrie, besteht aber Uneinigkeit. In ihrem Bericht bezieht sich die Repubblica vor allem auf eine Analyse des Thinktanks Bruegel.

      Bruegel-Analyse: https://www.bruegel.org/first-glance/smart-solar-strategy-europe

  4. Feb 2024
  5. Jan 2024
    1. Board view Subtasks are shown slightly indented from the main task Subtasks can be dragged out of the parent task to a new list to indicate their status. For subtasks with a different status to their parent, it displays a dummy parent (ghosted), above the subtask in the list, with the parent's status label visible against the dummy. Dragging the parent task to a different list changes the label of the child tasks as well, and any sub tasks already in its new list are re-organised under the parent and any dummy removed
    1. Using an issue tracker without them is, in my opinion, a little like using an outlining program that only supports two levels of nesting, or like using Wiki software that doesn't have the concept of reverse links. Makes me sad!
  6. Dec 2023
    1. I disagree. What is expressed is an attempt to solve X by making something that should maybe be agnostic of time asynchronous. The problem is related to design: time taints code. You have a choice: either you make the surface area of async code grow and grow or you treat it as impure code and you lift pure synchronous logic in an async context. Without more information on the surrounding algorithm, we don't know if the design decision to make SymbolTable async was the best decision and we can't propose an alternative. This question was handled superficially and carelessly by the community.

      superficially and carelessly?

    1. 最近我在試著翻譯 Do things that don’t scale 這篇有名的文章,在用 chatGPT 的時候,發現一個有趣的差別。 Airbnb now seems like an unstoppable juggernaut, but early on it was so fragile that about 30 days of going out and engaging in person with users made the difference between success and failure. chatGPT: Airbnb現在似乎是一個不可阻擋的巨無霸,但在早期,只要花大約30天的時間親自外出與使用者互動,就可能決定成功與失敗之間的差別。 我的翻譯:目前 Airbnb 似乎是個無人能擋的巨無霸,但它初期其實脆弱到如果三十天內不去和使用者互動,迎接他們的就會是失敗而不是成功。 chatGPT 「只要花 30 天就會決定成功與失敗」聽起來很不知所云,不知道到底是會失敗還是會成功?那是要超過三十天還是要低於三十天? 但如果是用我的版本,要表達的就很明確:「超過三十天不去找用戶的話,你就完蛋了。」 雖然我不確定自己翻的到底是否符合原話,但至少讀起來的「立場」較為明確,就是在說你就是要趕快去找使用者。但如果是 chatGPT 的版本,就會看不出來到底什麼東西會決定成功與失敗?又怎樣會導致成功、怎樣會導致失敗?




  7. Nov 2023
    1. I'm going to close this thread which will no longer be monitored. In case you want to report a new issue or you can’t make project to be internal, please do not hesitate to create a new Issue Tracker thread describing your situation.
  8. Oct 2023
    1. Our freedom is on the ballot.

      No one has the freedom to murder.

    2. Reproductive Rights

      Murder is not reproductive. Reproductive rights would be the right for women to decide when and if they reproduce before they take part in spawning a new human being with unique DNA.

      Nobody is arguing against a women's right to choose whether or not to reproduce - only the crime of changing her mind and trying to undo that decision with murder.

    3. take back our families’ freedom to make the decisions that are best for us

      ...to the exclusion of the innocent helpless human beings that are being murdered. What a selfish and sociopathic position to take.

    4. who should have the right to make personal medical decisions about abortion: women and their families

      Murder advocates always exclude the woman's offspring from the definition of "family".

      Women have no special authority to decide how, when, and if they murder their offspring.

      Instead, people should take murder off the table and focus on non-violent ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place.

    5. lives at risk

      Legalizing murder of innocent helpless unborn humans doesn't merely risk their lives, it ends them.

    6. health and safety of patients

      Murder advocates refuse to accept that the innocent helpless unborn human is also a patient.

      It is not possible to ensure the health and safety of a patient one is murdering.

    7. family decisions

      Murdering unborn humans should not be a private "family decision" with the next generation any more than it is with Grandma and Grandpa or one's ex-spouse.

      Nobody is involving the victim in this "family decision".

    8. birth control

      Murder is not a legitimate form of birth control. There are other highly effective, non-invasive forms of birth control that prevent conception and do not require the murder of a helpless innocent unborn human.

      The safest, cheapest, and most effective form of birth control is abstinence. It has worked every time it has been used.

    9. miscarriage care

      Ohio Issue 1 is a legal discussion, and within a legal context, abortion is a type of murder. Proponents of allowing the murder of helpless innocent unborn humans intentionally introduce the medical definition of abortion, which refers to termination of a pregnancy natural or otherwise (including miscarriages).

      The reality is that Ohio law defers to physicians to decide medical necessity of abortions to save a woman's life - only two need to agree that it is necessary.

      The prohibition on abortion in a legal sense has nothing to do with abortion in the medical sense.

    10. exceptions for rape or incest

      Why would murder be legalized in cases of rape or incest?

      The unborn human being had no part in the activity, so why execute them?

      Murder is not a magic eraser.

      Punish criminals for their crimes, not helpless innocent victims.

    1. Highlights in para 1 build the case that trans/detransition is attracting public attention (i.e. it's an important, topical issue) Last sentence highlights an important gap in the coverage.

  9. Sep 2023
  10. Aug 2023
  11. Jun 2023
    1. Die FDP vertritt bekannte Positionen der Gegner wirksamen Klimaschutzes. Sie sind inspieriert von libertärer Propaganda, wie sie die Koch-Brüder und andere in den USA sehr wirkungsvoll betrieben haben. Besonders der FDP-Politiker Frank Schäffler, der mitentscheidend für die Blockade des deutschen Heizungsgesetzes war, gehört zu einem Netzwerk, das mit den US-Netzwerken zur Verhinderung von Klimaschutz kooperiert und ähnliche Finanziers hat. Christian Stöcker stellt die Hintergründe in diesem Spiegelartikel dar.


  12. May 2023
    1. while I'm not as strongly against the above example code as the others, specifically because you did call it out as pseudocode and it is for illustrative purposes only, perhaps all of the above comments could be addressed by replacing your query = ... lines with simple query = // Insert case-sensitive/insensitive search here comments as that keeps the conversation away from the SQL injection topic and focuses on what you're trying to show. In other words, keep it on the logic, not the implementation. It will silence the critics.
  13. Nov 2022
  14. Oct 2022
    1. Although piracy has always existed, the internet has given a new definition to the term. The ease in which individuals can download or share pirated materials online makes the issue very different from earlier forms of piracy. Certain individuals would not even be familiar with the concept of piracy if it weren't for the prevalence of pirated material all over the internet.

    2. The ethical issue relating to choosing whether or not to work for a certain company has always existed. However, since the proliferation of the internet and computer technologies these decisions have added layers of complexity. The interconnectedness of certain technologies means that someone could be working on a project with implications they are not fully aware of. These new issues require the need for new laws regarding the transparency of software use, data, and all other internet features.

    3. In the case of cyber bullying, not only can one bully target many people but many bullies can also converge on one individual.

    4. Phase 3 brought about many of the issues that still exists in cyberethics. Ethical issues such as those present within deontology relating to duty of governing bodies began to surface. Because the internet was universal, policies needed to also be universal.

    5. Phase 2 of computing technology development introduced new concerns such as hacking and piracy. Also during this time individuals began to become more vary of government agencies using computers to store and share large amounts of user data.

    6. The anonymity Lori Drew was provided by the internet and social media is a gap in our current policies. Authenticating social media users could help combat cyber bullying but at the cost of decreasing online privacy.

  15. Sep 2022
    1. This issue is for discussing the use case given in the next section, and the unevaluatedProperties proposal to solve it. If you want to discuss a different use case or a different proposal, you MUST file your own issue to do so. Any comments attempting to revive other lines of discussion from #515, introduce new problems or solutions, or otherwise derail this discussion will be deleted to keep the focus clear. Please file a new issue and link back to this one instead.
    1. This hasn't yet been scheduled, but we're tracking it on our backlog as something we want to do this year. A few months ago, we arranged for additional capacity to address items like this that have waited for so long. Now that additional capacity is available, it's just a matter of scheduling based on relative priority. We're anxious to get this one done, and I hope to soon have a clearer date to post here.
  16. Aug 2022
  17. Jul 2022
    1. raise StandardError.new "No authentication is configured for ActiveStorage"

      forces the issue by requiring end-dev to edit/override this method to avoid getting this error

    1. What were (or still are) the relative attitudes towards issues related to gender at our respective institutions? What did the students at our respective institutions think about the gender issues of their day? We take particular focus on trans, queer, and women’s issues where they arise.

      Viewing group 2's project pitch, I believe that this group and my group (group 1) share a similar research question with some distinct variations. In group 1, we plan to go through the digital collections as well as publications from institutions that our members attend to find out about the students' attitude towards women during different gender discrimination eras. Meanwhile, this group covers a broader range of research in the study of genders. I am impressed with the meticulous explanation of the timeline that this group narrows down and also with the media that the group bases on for their sources of research. I hope that the research will be a success and I can learn new, interesting aspect of group 2's research to apply on my group's future research.

    1. Stop autoclosing of PRs While the idea of cleaning up the the PRs list by nudging reviewers with the stale message and closing PRs that didn't got a review in time cloud work for the maintainers, in practice it discourages contributors to submit contributions. Keeping PRs open and not providing feedback also doesn't help with contributors motivation, so while I'm disabling this feature of the bot we still need to come up with a process that will help us to keep the number of PRs in check, but celebrate the work contributors already did instead of ignoring it, or dismissing in the form of a "stale" alerts, and automatically closing PRs.

      Yes!! Thank you!!

      typo: cloud work -> could work

    1. I don't understand why it should be so hard to keep issues open / reopen them. That's just going to cause people to open a duplicate issue/PR — or (if they notice in time) cause people to add extra "not stale" noise when the bot warns it's about to be closed. Wouldn't it be preferable to keep the discussion together in one place instead of spreading across duplicate issues? (Similarly, moving the meta conversation about an issue out to a completely separate system (Discord) seems like the wrong direction, because it wouldn't be visible to/discoverable by those arriving at the closed issue.) I get how it's useful to have stale issues not cluttering the list. But if interes/activity later picks up again, then "stale" is no longer accurate and its status should be automatically updated to reflect its newfound freshness... like it did back here:
  18. Mar 2022
  19. Jan 2022
    1. To be perfectly frank, this proposal seems far more about creating the appearance of safety than addressing an actual deficit in application correctness. I'm not questioning the value in detecting unhandled promises (resolved OR rejected) as a development tool for calling attention to a potentially undesired flow... but just like other lint rules, this belongs in tooling and NOT the execution environment.
  20. Nov 2021
    1. may always

      The first amendment does not prohibit

    2. Dissent

      He had a concurring opinion

    3. the Second Amendment

      It should be the first amendment

    4. painted an American flag on his bare chest, but painted it upside down.

      It was over the fact that there was a burning of the Flag not a painting on his chest

    5. Arthur Smith

      Gregory Lee Johnson is the protestor in this case

    1. Info for maintainers Triage this issue by using labels. If information is missing, add a helpful comment and then I-issue-template label. If the issue is a question, add the I-question label. If the issue is valid but there is no time to troubleshoot it, consider adding the help wanted label. After troubleshooting the issue, please add the R-awaiting answer label. Thank you!
  21. Oct 2021
  22. Sep 2021
    1. webpack-bot commented on Nov 13, 2020 For maintainers only: webpack-4 webpack-5 bug critical-bug enhancement documentation performance dependencies question
    1. One complicating issue when trying to make sense across multiple communities is that not only do different communities have different cultures and practices, but also different epistemologies: different languages to describe their community and the soci(et)al context it operates in, with often different meanings attached to the terminologies used.
  23. Aug 2021
  24. Jul 2021
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  26. May 2021
    1. My advice is if you are looking for a quick and accurate answer ask to have the trouble ticket elevated immediately and to speak with an engineer that will recognize your knowledge and speak with you on your level.
    2. "Put as much information about the problem itself into the email". This is where you show your ability to know what is important and relevant and establish your technical level. Don't be brief, don't imply, and break it down Barney style so the person receiving it knows to escalate your ticket.
    3. Look for certain questions that have been asked every time, and put those answers into the initial email you send about the new problem. Try to add things that make the potential problem sound local. The more information you give them that you know they will be asking for in their script, the faster you will get someone who can help you. And they will thank you for it.
    4. And if your answers tell me it's something too advanced for me, only then would I escalate it.
    5. In one of my internship, I got to befriend a level 2 tech support, so learned a couple thing of how it worked (in that company). Level 1 was out-sourced, and they had a script to go from, regularly updated. From statistics, this took care of 90% of issues. Level 2 was a double handful of tech people, they had basic troubleshooting tools and knowledge and would solve 90% of the remaining issues. Level 3 was the engineering department (where I was), and as a result of level 1 and 2 efficiency less than 1% of issues ever got escalated. The process worked!
  27. Apr 2021
  28. Mar 2021
    1. However, since you haven't yet provided any details about how you built with Qt (Qt isn't officially supported, so you must have used a third party derivative of vim), and you haven't provided any detailed information about what error messages or malfunctions you're having with python-complete, it's not really possible to tell you how to fix the problem and get vim working with Qt.
    1. Yes, but honestly, and no offense intended, but I don't see the harm in these type questions, nor why some people are offended when they are asked. If I owed a website, I wouldn't mind it because it just creates more pages that can be indexed. I see it as helping the website. But, I did look and didn't see a simple answer. Again, no offense is intended. I've just never understood the complaints.
  29. Feb 2021
    1. (To clarify, I'm not personally needing / waiting on this change (not currently anyway). I was just looking at all the open issues in this project while deciding whether I should start using ActiveIntegration in my project...)
    1. opt out of certain data collection.


    2. Arizona University’s assistant provost for institutional research suggested that, should the use of student ID card tracking eventually become part of student retention efforts, such a move would be preceded by a “campus conversation” and students “should be given the choice to opt out of being tracked if they wish.”


    3. One of the principles highlighted in the article was transparency.


    4. unaware that any of their CatCard data would have been collected

      Students unaware that this is something that is happening

  30. Jan 2021
    1. When there are imperfections, we rely on users and our active community to tell us how the software is not working correctly, so we can fix it. The way we do that, and have done for 15 years now, is via bug reports. Discussion is great, but detailed bug reports are better for letting developers know what’s wrong.
  31. Dec 2020
  32. Nov 2020
    1. If the goal of this is purely to avoid showing a runtime warning (and isn't needed for other functionality) I think we should try to consider other ways of dealing with the root issue. See also #4652, which has been opened for just this concern.
  33. Oct 2020
    1. Issue grooming: This seems like an ancient configuration issue which based on the comment traffic people aren't seeing today, so I'm going to speculatively close. If this is still happening with modern versions then we can reopen (but please provide full details of the modern case). If you are still seeing this and you aren't the original submitter then please create a new issue with full details.
    1. Issue grooming: There appears to be a variety of different failure modes and user error/misconfiguration scenarios (all largely historic) described here.
    1. first sighting: use of superscripts like this

      I like it. Nice and concise and understandable.

      • s¹  critical
      • s²  important
      • s³  nice to have
      • s⁴  low
      • s⁵  inconvenient

      But in other cases, the abbreviation is quite unclear and ambiguity:

      Like, what does "pr" mean in these cases?

      priority? Doubt it.

      • pr¹  chore
      • pr²  docs
      • pr³  feature
      • pr⁴  fix
      • pr⁵  performance
      • pr⁶  refactor
      • pr⁷  style

      Pull Request? Doubt it. But maybe?

      For axes that are quantifiable, like severity, using a number makes sense. But what benefit is there in including a number in these (platform?) labels?:

      • p¹ ⋅ browser
      • p² ⋅ linux
      • p³ ⋅ mac
      • p⁴ ⋅ windows

      I think this would have been better and clearer (in that fewer people would be like huh? and wonder what it means):

      • platform: browser
      • platform: linux
      • platform: mac
      • platform: windows
  34. Sep 2020