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  1. Jul 2024
    1. they feel incredibly resentful that they have not benefited from the the wealth generated 00:38:07 from by this uh system that was once uh uh promised them so much uh and so i i i think you know there and that's just one example among many uh in in the less prosperous parts of the world you could 00:38:21 you'd see many more

      for - progress trap - inequality - resentment

      progress trap - inequality - resentment - rapid emergence of the far-right and populus - Indeed we see so much resentment everywhere. For example, the far-right and populus could only emerge so rapidly because of such resentment of being left behind.

    1. the erosion between whiteness andgainful employment that Davidson and Saul arguedled to a cultural backlash from white Americans andhas caused them to move from the left to the far-rightas a form of retaliation against the neoliberal cosmo-politan left.

      for - key insight - gainful employment of white working class led to cultural backlash and shift from left to far-right - to - Neoliberalism and the Far-Right: A Contradictory Embrace

      key insight - gainful employment of white working class led to cultural backlash and shift from left to far-right - source - Davidson and Saul

      to - Neoliberalism and the Far-Right: A Contradictory Embrace - https://hyp.is/8Hf0lDzqEe-KM9dQxJDxsw/core.ac.uk/download/pdf/84148846.pdf

    2. for - adjacency - Neoliberalism - rise of the Far-Right - paper summary

      paper summary - title: Backfire: How the Rise of Neoliberalism Facilitated the Rise of the Far-Right - author: Jacob Fuller - date: April 2023 - publication: The Compass: Vol.1: Iss. 10, Article 3 - download link: https://scholarworks.arcadia.edu/thecompass/vol1/iss10/3

      summary - A good paper that examines the root causes of the ascendency of the far-right in U.S. politics, based on harmonizing two theories - emergence of neo-liberalism - racialized economic anxieties

      • NAFTA is complex and is often oversimplified
      • See this article that discusses its complexities

      to - How Did NAFTA Affect the Economies of Participating Countries? - https://hyp.is/0j7PsjyUEe-LGOsFIWCyWA/www.investopedia.com/articles/economics/08/north-american-free-trade-agreement.asp

    3. The job losses described here are notupper management positions but rather jobs formerlyoccupied by the white working class.

      for - types of jobs lost to China - adjacency - job losses of white working class - far-right support for nationalism and protectionism

      types of jobs lost to China - mostly white working class - upper management jobs did not suffer much job loss

      adjacency - between decimated white working class - far-right - nationalism - protectionism - adjacency relationship - The decimated white working class are strong supporters of far-right politics - Pain and suffering of the white working class is a root cause for voting against perceived neoliberalism, which they blame for their loss of livelihood Protectionism and nationalism is a desire to bring the jobs back home

    4. he defines the far-right as expresslynationalistic groups, which focus heavily on homog-enization within the nation.

      for - definition - far right

      definition - far right - The Far-right is defined as individuals and groups that they belong to which are expressly nationalistic, focusing heavily on homogenization within a nation. - defined by Arie Perlinger

    1. for - from - demographic trends - U.S. - people of color in majority of working class by 2032

      summary - These statistics show a major U.S. labor force trend of - people of color constituting the majority of the working class by 2032, -10 years earlier than predicted by the U.S. census bureau. - This is a source of racial tensions in the United States being fanned by the far-right - The bigger picture is that - the working class has universally been ignored and - class inequality has been the result of a complex set of variables that - are fundamental structural issues common to both major political parties

      from - Backfire: How the Rise of Neoliberalism Facilitated the Rise of The Far-Right - https://hyp.is/F6XYujyREe-TaldInE8OGA/scholarworks.arcadia.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1066&context=thecompass

  2. Jun 2024
  3. Apr 2024
    1. Make those judgments for your communities, instance by instance, not by network or software. Those sledgehammers are too big and unweildy.

      or even person by person...

  4. Mar 2024
    1. for - liberal blind spot - Chris Yates - book - liberalism and the challenge of climate change - adjacency - liberalism - individual liberty - progress - bond spot - political polarization - fuel for the right -hyperobjects

      Summary - This short article contains some key insights that point to the right climate communication strategy to target and win over the working class - Currently, climate communications speak to elitist values and is having the opposite effect - The working class farmer protests spreading across the EU is a symptom of this miscommunication strategy - as is the increasing support and ascendency of right wing political parties - Researcher and author Chris Yates is in a unique position with one foot in each world - He articulates his insightful ideas and points is in the right direction to communicate in a way that reaches the working class

      comment - the figure 4 graph is an example of carbon inequality

      Example - carbon inequality - see figure 4

  5. Feb 2024
    1. “We’re seeing people turn right for a number of different reasons,” argues journalist Eoin Higgins

      for left-to-right sliders - complex reasons

      “We’re seeing people turn right for a number of different reasons,” - argues journalist Eoin Higgins, - author of a forthcoming book on formerly left-wing journalists - who’ve aligned with reactionary tech billionaires. ​

      • “There are
        • financial incentives, there are
        • attention incentives, there are
        • culture war differences as people are becoming more conservative on culture; there’s
        • a sense of being betrayed by progressives and the Left.
      • There are so many different reasons that
      • reducing this to people
        • going too far [left] and
        • going to the Right
      • is an oversimplification.
    2. for - Title: Losing the Plot: The "Leftists" Who Turn Right - Subtitle: What do we make of former friends who fell down the rabbit hole of the Right? - Author: Kathryn Joyce, Jeff Sharlet - Source: In These Times - Date: Dec 12,2023

      Summary - Once leftist thought leaders - like reporter Matt Taibbi - are appearing to shift right - Once writing about Occupy Wall Street for the Rolling Stones and now - appearing in the right-wing Epoch Times. - Other examples are: - David Horowitz - Once a sponsor of In These Times magazine now author of the book: - Blitz: Trup Will Smash the Left and Win - Christopher Hitchens - Joined the religious nationalists he long derided - Comedians - Dave Chappelle - Roseanne - Russell Brand - who make fun of, traffic in and deride - Trans people, - pandemic <br /> - pedophille conspiracy theories - Robert Kennedy Junior

      • Naomi Klein, in her latest book Doppleganger,
      • chronicles the same subject.
    3. the premise of Wolf’s 2019 book Outrages collapsed on live air

      for - left-to-right slider - Naomi Wolf

      In similar fashion, Naomi Wolf ​’s path - from a liberal third-wave feminist writer of ​“big ideas” books - to - a regular guest on Steve Bannon’s War Room and - Fox News - began— or perhaps sped up — with a career humiliation. - As Naomi Klein recounts in her recent book Doppelganger: A Trip Into the Mirror World, - the premise of Wolf’s 2019 book Outrages collapsed on live air - over a misunderstanding of an archaic legal term. - By 2021, Wolf had emerged as a key purveyor of Covid-19 conspiracy theories, warning that - ​“vaccine passports equal slavery forever.

  6. Jan 2024
    1. If there’s a commonality between far Left and far Right,

      for - quote - commonality between far left and far right - key insight

      If there’s a commonality between far Left and far Right, says Lyons,

      • it’s a common opposition to the status quo
        • but one that’s based on fundamentally different reasons.
    1. why is, are so many working class whites driving toward the hard right and wanting to support, you know, what seemed to us kind of insane policies? Well, people are desperate. They're looking for the answer. They're looking for the problem, and they're being told the problem is immigrants. And we don't look at wealth as the problem.
      • for: the real BIG LIE, elephant in the room - wealth inequality, working class driven to hard right
  7. Dec 2023
    1. the underlying tenets of wellness culture also set the stage for a paranoid individualism: Neoliberal wellness culture’s message “that individuals must take charge over their own bodies as their primary sites of influence, control, and competitive edge” and “that those who don’t exercise that control deserve what they get” has turned out to be “all too compatible with far-right notions of natural hierarchies, genetic superiority, and disposable people.”A collection of resentments
      • for: quote - wellness industry - far right ideals

      • quote

        • the underlying tenets of wellness culture also set the stage for a paranoid individualism: Neoliberal wellness culture’s message “that individuals must take charge over their own bodies as their primary sites of influence, control, and competitive edge” and “that those who don’t exercise that control deserve what they get” has turned out to be “all too compatible with far-right notions of natural hierarchies, genetic superiority, and disposable people.”
    1. This is similar to gdonato's answer, but scopes in doorkeeper are better used for managing which permissions are being given to the authenticated app (i.e. "Give this app permission to read X and write Y on your behalf").
    1. they have been swallowed up into uh you know the left part of the 00:52:30 the block that fights against the the rightwing block that's a necessary role that they're playing but the next Force needs to sit outside of that
      • for: left / right polarization - transcending

      • comment

        • What James is saying is that we must be wise enough to:
          • understand the attractors of each party so that
          • whole system change agents can navigate away from being coopted into the existing polarization
        • This requires a very strong and clear understanding of the direction whole system change requires and staying on course
        • It's very insightful to study how coopting occurs in real-life
  8. Nov 2023
    1. may define Foo, instead of reopen it
    2. Since require has global side-effects, and there is no static way to verify that you have issued the require calls for code that your file depends on, in practice it is very easy to forget some. That introduces bugs that depend on the load order.

      class of bugs

    1. One more example of a simple approach to this that might help a lot too is add a PORO generator. It could be incredibly basic - rails g poro MyClass yields class MyClass end But by doing that and landing the file in the app/models directory, it would make it clear that was the intended location instead of lib.
    2. I think the symmetry of the naming between lib and app/lib will lead a fresh Rails developer to seek out the answer to “Why are there two lib directories?", and they will become illuminated. And it will prevent them from seeking the answer to “How do I autoload lib?” which will start them on a rough path that leads to me advising them to undo it.
  9. Oct 2023
    1. For instance, think of using a drill to drive in screws instead of using a screwdriver. The former makes work go faster and smoother.

      Maybe this is pedantic, but a drill is not actually the right tool for driving screws, a screw gun is. Drills are powerful tools that can be used for driving screws faster, but IMO not smoother.


    1. Analysis from the Anti-Defamation League published this year found that, in the past five years, there have been more than 170 deaths linked to right-wing extremism. Three have been linked to extremism on the left.
  10. Sep 2023
    1. There has also been special debate about the right way to think of development in infancy.

      A thought does come around on the "right way to think" This seems like the perfect opportunity for the differences in right or wrong and how the outcome of the infant might be affected by it. The right way to think seems more of a realization on what is socially normal or socially acceptable when thinking of the right way to think. Now that thought is the process figures out, but what must an adult realize?

    2. structure

      The concept of structure really stands out to me. There is the everyday structure as I would call it in what this article is referring to, but what does it really mean by structure and if the structure is consider right or wrong. Everyone has a multitude of structure and what that looks like. For instance it reminds me of two set of parents where the kids have to figure out the structure in both houses. It shard because they go from one to another, but ending up becoming accustomed to both forms of structure. The author states, "structure gives rise to some patterns of observable evidence rather than others" Bad, & Olusegun, S (2015). Constructivism Learning Theory: A Paradigm for Teaching and Learning.

      • for: Christian nationalism, Christian national, far right politics, Christian right, political extremism, MAGA fuel
      • comment
        • the extreme right, MAGA Republican party is fueled by a movement composed of threatened Christian nationalists entering politics to assert power.
        • The extremism in the far right politics is in direct proportion to the high degree to which they perceive threat
        • Religious faith can inspire extremely powerful emotional responses and devotion. When combined with politics this can lead to extreme events, such as the Jan. 6 insurrection.
        • The mobilization of Christian nationals into local school boards has turned education into a political battleground.
    1. Steve Bannon I mean to my to my delight 00:25:29 and horror read an entire section of my book team human aloud on war room pandemic and it was a section of the book that I looked at and I still there's nothing I can really change in it to defend it from being used in that 00:25:42 context
      • for:Douglas Rushkoff, Steve Bannon quoting Douglas Rushkoff, recontextualize, misquote, disquote
      • new portmanteau meaning: disquote
        • quoting another person but with a context opposite to the original author's
          • from disinformation
      • comment
        • thinking of what Douglas Rushkoff felt about Steven Bannon's use of his writing in a way that is opposite to what Rushkoff aspires to and advocates for,
          • we could not use the word "misquote" because it was verbatim
          • the portmanteau "disquote" can imply disinformation but it has a meaning that means a fake attribution of a quote, which is not quite right here
          • however, Bannon used Rushkoff's book chapter in a polar opposite context, to resonate with the pain of the masses, but lead to an end result that is diametrically opposite to the ultimate wellbeing of the hurt masses
          • this suggests a new meaning for the word "disquote", a quote used for quite divergent context
        • From a "Team Human" perspective, far right propaganda can be seen as using the content generated by the left in order to justify authoritarianism position that further consolidate power of the elites
        • The left critiques the many failings of neoliberalism and destructive capitalism by pointing out the social and ecological harm it causes and the same critiques can be coopted by the far right to rally the masses harmed by neoliberal policies.
        • The failing of the elite neoliberal class breaks up team human into perceived polarized team left and team far right (populist), where team populist is now mis-perceived to be the standard bearer of social justice.
        • The far right is stepping in to fill the gap of reacting to the enormous harm caused by neoliberal policies, but their solutions come with their own serious problems.
        • Team human, in the wide sense of the term must reclaim the territory for humanity
  11. Aug 2023
    1. This article is more than 7 months oldJust Stop Oil activist jailed for six months for M25 disruptionThis article is more than 7 months oldMagistrate reportedly speaks of using Jan Goodey’s case as a ‘deterrent’ during court proceedingsDamien Gayle@damiengayleTue 29 Nov 2022 18.10 GMTLast modified on Tue 29 Nov 2022 19.08 GMTA climate activist who disrupted traffic on the M25 has been sentenced to six months in prison.

      Hard prison sentence for blocking a road. UK 2022.

  12. Jul 2023
    1. this division of attention Works to our advantage when we use both however it is 00:08:39 a handicap in fact it is a catastrophe when we use only one
      • In his book, The Master and his Emissary,
        • McGilchrist explains what happens when left and right hemisphere are out of balance and the left hemisphere takes over
          • namely, disaster
        • this will be the third time the imbalance manifests
    2. the right hemisphere
      • right hemisphere qualities:
        • sees not the representation but the living presence
        • bringing broad open sustained Vigilant attention to bear on the world
        • it sees what is fresh unique
        • never fully known
        • never finally certain
          • but full of potential
        • it understands all it is and
        • must remain implicit
        • humor poetry art narrative music
        • The Sacred indeed everything we love
        • it understands that nothing is ever merely static and unchanging
        • but flowing
        • and radically interconnected
        • that parts of the left hemisphere's invention and that
        • what we are seeing as parts are already wholes
        • at another level this is a free world
        • an animate universe
        • and a bureaucrat's nightmare
        • it has all the richness and unfathomable complexity of the world
  13. Apr 2023
    1. Given the broad aim of the right of access, the aim of the right of access is notsuitable to be analysed as a precondition for the exercise of the right of accessby the controller as part of its assessment of access requests. Thus, controllersshould not assess “why” the data subject is requesting access, but only “what”the data subject is requesting (see section 3 on the analysis of the request) andwhether they hold personal data relating to that individual (see section 4).Therefore, for example, the controller should not deny access on the groundsor the suspicion that the requested data could be used by the data subject todefend themselves in court in the event of a dismissal or a commercial disputewith the controller9.

      This is very interesting, and the FT (Copies du dossier médical) case will be one to watch.

      Details: https://www.dpcuria.eu/details?reference=C-307/22

    1. A political system, he said, needs people who are fair,open-minded, and think for themselves; it doesn’t want people who aresubservient to authority.

      Is there a better direct quote from Locke for this indirect one?

      Oddly, large portions of the religious right and Republican right are highly subservient to authority while simultaneously espousing the idea of "freedom".

      Apparently the base definition of "freedom" on the right has shifted in large portions of American culture.

  14. Mar 2023
    1. We now take an opinionated stance on which second factor you should set up first – you'll no longer be asked to choose between SMS or setting up an authenticator app (known as TOTP), and instead see the TOTP setup screen immediately when first setting up 2FA.
    1. cierto contenido que compartas o subas, como fotos o videos, esté protegido por leyes de propiedad intelectual. Eres el propietario de los derechos de propiedad intelectual (como derechos de autor o marcas comerciales) de todo el contenido que crees y compartas en Facebook y en los demás Productos de las empresas de Meta que uses. Ninguna disposición en estas Condiciones anula los derechos que tienes sobre tu propio contenido. Puedes compartir libremente tu

      Al suscribirse a cualquiera de las filiales de Meta, automáticamente se otorgan derechos en común con todas las redes sociales pertenecientes a este conglomerado digital, ya que si bien solo se otorgan permiso a una sola red social, una vez la persona decide no pertenecer más, no es tan fácil desligarse de estas, ya que por ejemplo en el momento que una persona fallece, si nadie tiene acceso a sus perfiles, éste sigue activo, y por lo tanto, su contenido se puede seguir usando, al igual que pueden hacer base de datos y venderla a cualquier compañía que decida comprarla. Estos términos legales de una u otra manera son abusivos, ya que muchas personas no leemos al detalle por el solo hecho de pertenecer a la era digital. Otro claro ejemplo de esto, son las cookies que no sabemos lo que son, pero que, para poder acceder, debemos si p sí aceptarlas sin saber el riesgo que se corre a la hora del robo de datos personales. Hay otros casos en los que, cuando se denuncia una publicación, por más que ésta no cumpla con las reglas comunitarias, no es bajada de la red, tal vez, porque los algoritmos no detectan una infracción, cosa que si sucede con publicaciones sin mala intención, pero que, por una simple palabra que esté dentro de lo prohibido y que sea detectada como no permitida, se bajan publicaciones, y se restringen cuentas. Un caso reciente, fue el de la plataforma zoom en donde, si bien sirvió mucho para acercar a las personas durante la época de pandemia, se detectó que la privacidad estaba siendo vulnerada, por lo que mucha gente migró a otras plataformas como telegram, donde en teoría, había un poco más de intimidad y reserva.

    1. When I speak of Europeans or mental Europeans, I'm not allowing for false distinctions. I'm not saying that on the one hand there are the by-products of a few thousand years of genocidal, reactionary, European intellectual development which is bad; and on the other hand there is some new revolutionary intellectual development which is good. I'm referring here to the so-called theories of Marxism and anarchism and "leftism" in general. I don't believe these theories can be separated from the rest of the of the European intellectual tradition. It's really just the same old song.
      • Content
      • Means lumps leftist politics in South conservative European politics. He doesn't see them as fundamentally different, both follow the same exploitative and destructive logic
    1. Stora delar av den rasideologiska miljön uppfattar Vladimir Putins politiska projekt som en motvikt till EU, liberalism eller ”globalism”. Därför har nyhetssajter och organisationer i miljön knutit band till Ryssland och spridit den ryska regimens narrativ.
  15. Feb 2023
    1. Most of them are, in general, moving in the right direction. They just aren’t aggressive enough yet to be consistent with the kind of transformative social change required to achieve the 1.5 C target.
      • climate change actions
      • Most of the climate actions are moving in the right direction.
      • but they just aren’t aggressive enough yet to achieve the 1.5 C target.
      • right direction, wrong speed
  16. Jan 2023
    1. Since Rails creates callbacks for dependent associations, always call before_destroy callbacks that perform validation with prepend: true.
  17. Dec 2022
    1. In this case, if the constant Admin::User was already loaded at the time Admin::UserManager.all was called, then it would return Admin::User objects.However, if Admin::User was not yet auto-loaded, but User was, Admin::UserManager.all would instead return User objects!
    1. Ultimately, after identifying some critical aspects of the doctrines of common goods, I will try to examine the possibility to guarantee all people the fundamental right to access to food by using the “public utilities made available by the local government”. Otherwise, if we let the laws of the market be the ones that can guarantee food, we risk legitimizing a “juridical paradox” that the constitutional order (at least the Italian one) by no means can tolerate.

      Juridical perspective to verify the possibility to consider food as a common good. Being said that Italian constitutional doctrine has not covered this particular aspect. Bringing up the very common, yet taken for granted, concept of 'private' and 'public provided by the constitution into consideration.

    1. Let’s say the recipient is considering unsubscribing. He or she may be too busy to search through the email to find the unsubscribe link, so he or she just clicks “Report as SPAM” to stop the emails from coming. This is the last thing any marketer wants to see happen. It negatively impacts sender reputation, requiring extra work to improve email deliverability. With the list-unsubscribe header, you will avoid getting into this kind of trouble in the first place.
  18. Nov 2022
    1. I said, for one thing I think it’s a great shame that in the 21st century we’re still having to watch franchises that were originally meant to appeal to the twelve-year-old boys, almost entirely boys, of 50 years ago. I said I also found it socially worrying, because it seems to speak to some sort of infantilisation, some retreat from an overcomplex adult world. A mass retreat, by adults, to a place that was simpler, that didn’t have to think about climate change or economic collapse or the resurgence of populist fascism, or things like that.


    1. Synchronously waiting for the specific child processes in a (specific) order may leave zombies present longer than the above-mentioned "short period of time"
  19. Oct 2022
    1. After the first week of the campaign, we realized what are the main problematic pillars and fixed them right away. Nevertheless, even with these improvements and strong support from the Gamefound team, we’re not even close to achieving the backer numbers with which we could safely promise to create a game of the quality we think it deserves.
    2. First and foremost, we need to acknowledge that even though the funding goal has been met–it does not meet the realistic costs of the project. Bluntly speaking, we did not have the confidence to showcase the real goal of ~1.5 million euros (which would be around 10k backers) in a crowdfunding world where “Funded in XY minutes!” is a regular highlight.

      new tag: pressure to understate the real cost/estimate

  20. Sep 2022
    1. In short, the questions about Google’s behavior are not about free speech; they do, though, touch on other Amendments in the Bill of Rights. For example: The Fourth Amendment bars “unreasonable searches and seizures”; while you can make the case that search warrants were justified once the photos in question were discovered, said photos were only discovered because Mark’s photo library was indiscriminately searched in the first place. The Fifth Amendment says no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; Mark lost all of his data, email account, phone number, and everything else Google touched forever with no due process at all. The Sixth Amendment is about the rights to a trial; Mark was not accused of any crime in the real world, but when it came to his digital life Google was, as I noted, “judge, jury, and executioner” (the Seventh Amendment is, relatedly, about the right to a jury trial for all controversies exceeding $20).

      Ben Thompson argues that questions about Google's behavior towards a false positive case of CSAM does not pertain to free speech or to the First Amendment. But it does pertain to other Amendments in the Bill of Rights.

  21. Aug 2022
    1. Whatever the reason for the contradiction, there can be no doubt that there is a contradiction. To simultaneously hold conservative cultural, economic, and political beliefs—to insist that our liberal-left present reality and future direction is incompatible with human nature and must undermine society—and yet also believe that things can go on more or less the way they are going, ideally but not necessarily with some conservative tinkering here and there, is logically impossible.

      See the ontological politics there:

      to insist that our liberal-left present reality and future direction is incompatible with human nature and must undermine society

      What is the assumed "human nature" that liberal left approaches are incompatible with? That is a fascinating question and key to much of this discussion.

      It is perfect evidence of the central but hidden role of "ontology"[^1] to politics.

      [^1]: i.e. beliefs about human nature.

  22. Jul 2022
    1. Yet not all of the sciences use (or require) mathematics to the same extent, for example, the lifesciences. There, the descriptive, analytical methods of Aristotle remain important, as does the(somewhat casual) recourse to final causes.

      Is the disappearance of the Aristotelian final cause in modern science part of the reason for the rise of an anti-science perspective for the religious right in 21st century America?

      People would seem to want or need a purpose to underlie their lives or they otherwise seem to be left adrift.

      Why are things the way they are? What are they for?

      Is the question: "why?" really so strong?

    1. 4.5 Getting the right people in the right roles in support of your goal is the key to succeeding at whatever you choose to accomplish.

      4.5 Getting the right people in the right roles in support of your goal is the key to succeeding at whatever you choose to accomplish.

    1. Defects found in peer review are not an acceptable rubric by which to evaluate team members. Reports pulled from peer code reviews should never be used in performance reports. If personal metrics become a basis for compensation or promotion, developers will become hostile toward the process and naturally focus on improving personal metrics rather than writing better overall code.
  23. Jun 2022
  24. May 2022
    1. We document the order of hooks, but I don't think we document where in that order we integrate Rails helpers which makes this confusing, I do sort of think this is a bug but as we use RSpec to integrate Rails here and RSpec Core has no distinction that matches before / after teardown its sort of luck of the draw, we could possibly use prepend_after for Rails integrations which would sort of emulate these options.
    1. VIN locks began in car-engines. Auto manufacturers started to put cheap microcontrollers into engine components and subcomponents. A mechanic could swap in a new part, but the engine wouldn’t recognize it — and the car wouldn’t drive — until an authorized technician entered an unlock code into a special tool connected to the car’s internal network.

      VIN Locks and Right-to-Repair

    1. Blockchains are immutable, which means once data is recorded, it can’t be removed. The idea that blockchains will be used to store user-generated data for services like social networks has enormous implications for user safety. If someone uses these platforms to harass and abuse others, such as by doxing, posting revenge pornography, uploading child sexual abuse material, or doing any number of other very serious things that platforms normally try to thwart with content-moderation teams, the protections that can be offered to users are extremely limited. The same goes for users who plagiarize artwork, spam, or share sensitive material like trade secrets. Even a user who themself posts something and then later decides they’d rather not have it online is stuck with it remaining on-chain indefinitely.

      Nothing is forgotten on the blockchain

      Once something is recorded in the blockchain ledger, it is almost impossible to remove (except, say, for a community-agreed-upon hard fork of the ledger). All of the ills of social media become even more permanent when recorded directly in a blockchain.

    1. If we, as human beings are allowed to change and evolve, we have to find some way to be able to outgrow our data doppelgängers. It's not just that these things are creepy. It's that they're literally holding us to our worst selves, even when we try to change and work our way through the future.

      Data Doppelgängers phrase

      This is an aspect of the right to be forgotten here. Should this be just about behavioral advertising? What about the person running for office and having old pictures and old writings coming back to haunt them.

    1. Principles of Shaping

      When we shape the work, we need to do it at the right level of abstraction: not too vague and not too concrete. Product managers often err on one of these two extremes.



  25. Apr 2022
    1. https://forum.artofmemory.com/t/the-contestant-who-outsmarted-the-price-is-right/43337

      Circling back to this a few years later... I just watched the documentary Perfect Bid: The Contestant who Knew Too Much (2017) which follows the story of Theodore Slauson from the article. Apparently he had spent a significant amount of time watching/taping the show and documenting the prices.

      The documentary provides a single example of Slauson using a visual mnemonic for remembering the price of one item. The majority of his method seemed to be the fact that he put his pricing lists into a self-made spaced repetition system which he practiced with extensively. For some of his earliest visits to the show he mentions that a friend who travelled with him quizzed him on items on his price list on the way to the show. This, likely combined with an above average natural memory, allowed him to beat TPIR.

      Outside of the scant memory portion portrayed, it was a reasonably entertaining watch.


    2. I was doing some research on counting cards and memory and came across this story from 2010 in Esquire relating to several who were using (unnamed) memory methods to perform better on The Price is Right game show. If nothing else, it’s a fascinating example of applied memory methods in modern culture.

      The Contestant Who Outsmarted ‘The Price Is Right’

      I was doing some research on counting cards and memory and came across this story from 2010 in Esquire relating to several who were using (unnamed) memory methods to perform better on The Price is Right game show. If nothing else, it’s a fascinating example of applied memory methods in modern culture.


      2019-10-26 20:00

    1. Excerpts from “The Price is Right” in “Perfect Bid” show this and other events happening exactly as Slauson remembers them. While he dismisses suggestions that he has a photographic memory, his ability to recall details — prices, prizes, contestant names and their bids — is impressively accurate. “Perfect Bid” director C.J. Wallis marvels at Slauson’s memory. “When we interviewed him, he sat down and, without any notes, remembered everything about probably a dozen different times he was in the studio audience,” he said.
    1. The lateral keyword allows us to access columns after the FROM statement, and reference these columns "earlier" in the query ("earlier" meaning "written higher in the query").
    1. This latter equivalence does not hold exactly when more than two tables appear, because JOIN binds more tightly than comma. For example FROM T1 CROSS JOIN T2 INNER JOIN T3 ON condition is not the same as FROM T1, T2 INNER JOIN T3 ON condition because the condition can reference T1 in the first case but not the second.
    2. A LATERAL item can appear at top level in the FROM list, or within a JOIN tree. In the latter case it can also refer to any items that are on the left-hand side of a JOIN that it is on the right-hand side of.

      Unlike with most joins (IIUC), order is important with lateral joins. Weird. Why?

      Maybe because it is equivalent to a cross join lateral (see example), and in an explicit cross join, you have a LHS and RHS?

    3. This allows them to reference columns provided by preceding FROM items.
    1. ReconfigBehSci [@SciBeh]. (2021, December 6). I do not understand the continued narrative that makes it sound as if extant legal systems don’t already provide the framework for assessing whether rights are unduly infringed by vaxx passports and mandates. This is exactly what constitutions are for. [Tweet]. Twitter. https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1467818167766593538

    1. Caroline Orr Bueno, Ph.D. (2021, September 14). Right-wing radio host Bob Enyart—A staunch anti-vaccine, anti-mask, anti-abortion, anti-gay “firebrand” who used to mock the deaths of people with AIDS — just died of COVID-19. He is the 5th right-wing radio host to die of COVID in the past 6 weeks. Https://t.co/NlKodFEKNB [Tweet]. @RVAwonk. https://twitter.com/RVAwonk/status/1437634022469996550

  26. Mar 2022
    1. This is a moment that we should seize, in all seriousness, in order to take on the two huge existential plagues that face us this morning: the climate crisis, outlined in this new IPCC report, and the fact that we have a madman with nuclear weapons who’s used the revenues from oil and gas to intimidate and terrify the entire world.

      This is the critical observation - everything is interconnected. It is a nexus of problems that requires that we deal with all dimensions of the problem simultaneously.

      Putin is the nexus of so much that is wrong with the world. He is like an octopus that has its arms in multiple crisis of the planet.

      The political polarization of the US, the ascendancy of the puppet government of Trump and the blatant cognitive dissonance of the extreme right who are impervious to facts is reminiscent of the propaganda imposed upon the Russian people themselves for one reason - it was part of Putin's master plan: https://youtu.be/FxgBuhMBXSA The US population has been split by Putin's information warfare system, the same one he uses on the Russian population.

      The fake news programmed by Russian propaganda about the Ukraine war has worked effectively to mislead the Russian populus: https://youtu.be/kELta9MLOzg The same pattern of psychological manipulation has also had the same impact in the belief system of the typical hardcore Trumpist.

  27. Feb 2022
    1. You need to balance several factors: the need for new features, the increasing difficulty of finding support for old code, and your available time and skills, to name a few.
    1. Many American employers continue to make their job offers contingent on fine-print conditions, such as noncompete clauses and forced arbitration, that can make it almost impossible to jump to a better workplace or hold management accountable when things go wrong. They seek out foreign workers who often, in theory or practice, lack the legal protections of U.S. citizens. They argue that they aren’t liable for any mistreatment of their subcontracted staff by the companies that technically employ those workers. And they charge staff for equipment or training essential to their duties, establishing a cycle of debt that, in conjunction with low wages, tends to build on itself
  28. Jan 2022
    1. "The basic principle behind REST status code conventions is that a status code must make the client aware of what is going on and what the server expects the client to do next"
    2. You can fulfill this principle by giving answers to the following questions:Is there a problem or not?If there is a problem, on which side is it? On the client or on the server side?If there is a problem, what should the client do?
    1. The difference is what the server expects the client to do next.
    2. Checks are usually done in this order: 404 if resource is public and does not exist or 3xx redirection OTHERWISE: 401 if not logged-in or session expired 403 if user does not have permission to access resource (file, json, ...) 404 if resource does not exist or not willing to reveal anything, or 3xx redirection
    1. software design on the scale of decades: every detail is intended to promote software longevity and independent evolution. Many of the constraints are directly opposed to short-term efficiency. Unfortunately, people are fairly good at short-term design, and usually awful at long-term design
    1. It was largely the speakers of Iroquoian languages such as theWendat, or the five Haudenosaunee nations to their south, whoappear to have placed such weight on reasoned debate – evenfinding it a form of pleasurable entertainment in own right. This factalone had major historical repercussions. Because it appears tohave been exactly this form of debate – rational, sceptical, empirical,conversational in tone – which before long came to be identified withthe European Enlightenment as well. And, just like the Jesuits,Enlightenment thinkers and democratic revolutionaries saw it asintrinsically connected with the rejection of arbitrary authority,particularly that which had long been assumed by the clergy.

      The forms of rational, skeptical, empirical and conversational forms of debate popularized by the Enlightenment which saw the rejection of arbitrary authority were influenced by the Haudenosaunee nations of Americans.

      Interesting to see the reflexive political fallout of this reoccurring with the political right in America beginning in the early 2000s through the 2020s. It's almost as if the Republican party and religious right never experienced the Enlightenment and are still living in the 1700s.

      Curious that in modern culture I think of the Jesuits as the embodiment of rationalist, skeptical argumentation and thought now. Apparently they were dramatically transformed since that time.

  29. Dec 2021