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    1. L'affichage des coordonnées des associations de parents d'élèves est-il obligatoire ?Oui. Dans chaque établissement scolaire, la liste des associations de parents d'élèves, avec mention des noms et coordonnées des responsables, doit être affichée dans un lieu accessible au public.Il en est de même pour la liste des fédérations, unions ou associations de parents d'élèves représentées au Conseil supérieur de l'éducation et aux conseils académiques et départementaux de l'Éducation nationale.
    1. « Art. D. 312-10-13-3.-Un rapport des travaux menés par le comité départemental de suivi de l'école inclusive est adressé annuellement au conseil départemental de l'éducation nationale

      Ce rapport est il traité en CDEN comme prévu ?

    2. « h) D'un représentant des associations de parents d'enfants en situation de handicap désigné parmi les membres du premier collège de la formation spécialisée pour les questions relatives aux personnes handicapées du conseil départemental de la citoyenneté et de l'autonomie mentionné au 1° de l'article D. 149-4 ;

      qui siège ?

    3. « Les présidents peuvent convier toute autre personne ou organisation concernée par le parcours de scolarisation et de formation des enfants, des adolescents ou des jeunes adultes en situation de handicap.

      les représentants de parents n'ont pas leur place ?

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    1. does your scholarship suggest why so many societies do that rather than 00:20:09 saying maybe we start with a Declaration of Human Rights today maybe we write a new one from scratch based on what we know today um because it's very difficult to reach an agreement between a lot of 00:20:21 people and also you know you need to base a a a a real Society is something something extremely complex which you need to base on empirical experience 00:20:34 every time that people try to create a completely new social order just by inventing some Theory it ends very badly you need on yes you do need the ability 00:20:46 to change things a long time but not too quickly and not everything at once so most of the time you have these founding principles and shr find in this 00:20:58 or that text also orally it doesn't have to be written down and at least good societies also have mechanisms to change it but you have to start from some kind 00:21:12 of of of of social consensus and some kind of of social experience if every year we try to invent everything from scratch then Society will just collapse
      • for: insight - creating new social norms is difficult

      • insight

        • creating new social norms is difficult because society is complex
        • society adheres to existing social norms. Adding something new is always a challenge
        • social norms are like the rules of a game. If you change the rules too often, it doesn't work. Society needs stable rules.
      • analogy: changing social norms, sports

        • changing social norms is difficult. Imagine changing the rules off a sports competition each time you play.
    1. https://werd.io/2023/doing-it-all

      Interesting to see what, in generations past, might have been a gendered (female) striving for "having it all" (entailing time with children, family and a career) has crossed over into the masculine space.

      Sounds like Ben's got some basic priorities set, which is really the only thing necessary. Beyond this, every parent, especially of new babies, in the W.E.I.R.D. culture is tired. By this measurement he's doing it "right". What is missing is an interpersonal culture around him of extended family and immediate community of daily interaction to help normalize his conditions. Missing this he's attempting to replace the lack of experience with this area by reaching out to his online community, which may provide a dramatically different and biased sample.

      Some of the "it takes a village" (to raise a child) still operates on many facets, but dramatically missing is the day-to-day direct care and help that many parents need.

      Our capitalistic culture has again, in this case of parenting in the W.E.I.R.D. world, managed to privatize the profits and socialize the losses. Here the losses in Ben's case are on his physical well-being (tiredness) and his mental state wondering if his case is "normal". A further loss is the erosion of his desire for a family unit and cohesion of community which the system is attempting to sever by playing on his desire to "have it all". Giving in to the pull of work at the expense of family only drives the system closer to collapse.

    1. je préférerais prendre le temps de m'arrêter quelques minutes sur une instance qui à mon avis sous-exploité en 00:26:08 établissement euh à savoir le ces ce donc le comité d'éducation à la santé à la citoyenneté et à l'environnement parce que euh à mon sens il s'agit vraiment d'une instance pour 00:26:21 penser et mettre en place une démarche systémique autour des valeurs et aujourd'hui elle est un peu elle paraît elle peut paraître désuettes en établissement mais pour autant c'est une instance qui qui mérite qu'on s'intéresse à elle en effet parce que le 00:26:35 CESCE c'est une instance de réflexion d'observation de veille et de proposition qui permet de définir la politique de prévention des établissements et des écoles
    2. circulaire de rentrée elle dit il faut faire réussir permettre à tous les 00:22:27 élèves acquérir les fondamentaux et de les faire réussir dans les apprentissages et on voit que ce terme de réussite s'il est mal défini s'il est mal compris parce que c'est c'est bien là l'enjeu en fait c'est qu'est-ce qu'on entend par réussite s'il est mal défini 00:22:39 mal compris on va avoir des effets assez contradictoires
    1. je pense que les historiens doivent hurler à chaque fois qu'il voit ses programmes 00:59:13 puisque le programme dit que Jul ferry crée une école euh primaire gratuite obligatoire et laïque elle n'est ni obligatoire ni laïque hein mais personne ne regarde les textes donc c'est pas très grave euh en tant que tel hein je 00:59:26 rappelle que les programmes de Jul ferry hein euh qui ont été fait après la loi cite les devoirs envers Dieu donc en matière de laïicité bon on repassera
  3. Nov 2023
      • for: commented on - Trump and failings of political system, poem - Trump a symptom of failing political system

      • commented on

        • I wrote a poem in the comment section of this video:

          • Oh what a web we weave, when we practice to deceive
          • What a distance Trump will fall, when Jack Smith and the other upholders of truth disentangles it all!
          • What lesson have we learned, what has hindsight allowed us to see
          • about the fragility of this gift called democracy?
          • Whose ideal is that men and women are all equal another way of saying we are all sacred?
          • We pay a heavy price for not taking care of our disenfranchised sisters and brothers
          • for without job and pay they may seem powerless but the minions of poor left behind,
          • not lifted by the rising tide of unequal prosperity
          • at least have a vote to vent their anger and victimhood of being forgot
          • and comes along the next power-hungry, fork-tongued, snake-oil salesman
          • who recognizes the strength in the weakness of the minion
          • enough to exploit for personal gain the aggregate vote of the disenfranchised many
          • plunging democracy and its constitutions into crisis
          • Not only in the US, but all around the world
          • we witness the same phenomena
          • as the failings of liberal democracies that have left masses behind,
          • unintentional failings of democracy,
          • is exploited by the opportunist to seize power
          • and institute intentional forms of non-democracy

          • The bottom line (below):

          • Regardless of political ideology,
          • genuine empathy for all
          • not just in theory, but in practice
          • is the path to a just, stable and thriving society
    1. How to Read a Book. Los Angeles: KCET Los Angeles, 1975. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_rizr8bb0c.

      13 part series including:<br /> - 01:33:02 Part 8: How to read Stories - 01:46:13 Part 9: What Makes a Story Good - 01:59:24 Part 10 How to Read a Poem - Shakespeare sonnet 116, "admit" definition - Wordsworth poem about London and nature - 02:12:49 Part 11: Activating Poetry and Plays - 02:26:09 Part 12: How to Read Two Books at the Same Time - 02:39:29 Part 13: The Pyramid of Books

      2023-11-29: Since the original video was removed, one can also view the series at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPajsb520dyzNw9mHsZnrzi5w9N_amS7E

    1. If all national energy and climate goals are reached, this value is lower by 25%, and by 60% if the world gets on track to limit global warming to 1.5 °C.
      • for: stats - fossil fuel industry - valuation in a 1.5 Deg C world

      • stats: fossil fuel industry - valuation in a 1.5 Deg C world

        • current 2023 valuation: 6 trillion USD
        • current NDCs met (short of a 1.5 Deg C world): 4.5 trillion USD
        • 1.5 Deg C world: 2.4 trillion USD
    1. The pressing horrors of the Madagascan crisis prompted Mannonito find a new significance for The Tempest, encouraging him to weave areading of Shakespeare's poetic drama through his reading of the incipientdrama of decolonization

      Point A and C, Point A in that it is understood differently by someone; Point C in that it highlights the relevancy of the decolonial reading of The Tempest to the world today.

    2. Ironically, it was Beerbohm Tree's unabashedly jingoistic productionof The Tempest in 1904 that elicited the first recorded response to thplay in anti-imperial terms, as one member of the audience assimilatethe action to events surrounding the Matabele uprising in

      This has been happening for a long time (seeing the play through colonialist lens). This was picked up by an audience member, which is evidence that it isn't a forced narrative of the play, it's a natural point of understanding.



    1. This myth is mostly the blame of the novelist Washington Irving
      • for: Washington Irving, book - the History of New York, book - A History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus

      • comment

        • Irving was a American writer who wrote fiction for the intent of stoking nationalism. He bent the truth in many ways.
        • Among his most famous and impactful historical lies that Irving fabricated in his book on Columbus was that prior to Columbus, the majority of educated people thought the earth was flat. In fact, most educated people believed the earth to be round during the time of Columbus.
      • interesting fact: knickerbocker

        • The term knickerbocker originated in the pseudonym Diedrich Knickerbocker that Irving chose for his book "A History of New York"
    1. the increasing number of tourists is starting to make them feel like exhibits in a zoo
      • for: human exploitation, treating humans like animals in a zoo

      • example - human exploitation - Jawara

        • These images parading the Jawara like curiosity items remind one of centuries earlier when European colonizers treated the people they enslaved as curiosity items - like animals in a zoo
        • Zoo's are themselves an icon that represents the distorted anthropogenic perspective and relationship of modern humans to the rest of the biome.
      • for climate change - wartime mobilization, interview - Seth Klein - A Good War

      • summary

        • An interview with activist Seth Klein on his book: A Good War. Klein studied how WWI and WWII stimulated a rapid mobilization of Canada with an eye to translating the same methods to combating climate change.
    1. there's an interesting book by Seth Klein Naomi Klein's brother the 00:56:39 just for about creating a mobilizing federal government provincial um almost a state of emergency to address 00:56:53 climate change uh and and that would if you had extraordinary powers then you could basically say well electric vehicles and 00:57:04 more cars is not the solution and we're gonna go in a different area we're going to secure for example the water supply we're going to secure the air supply 00:57:16 we're going to reduce emissions in a very structured way
  4. charlotteperriand.etab.ac-lille.fr charlotteperriand.etab.ac-lille.fr
    1. Absence injustifiée et note « zéro »Une absence non justifiée ou à la justification non valable lors d’un devoir en classe, un travail nonrendu ou une copie « blanche» ou sans valeur du fait d’une tricherie avérée peut impliquer uneévaluation par la note « zéro ». C’est le CPE qui évalue la validité de la justification. Ce zéro neconstitue ni une sanction, ni une punition : l’élève peut donc être sanctionné ou puni par ailleurspour le même fait. Le ou les « zéro » ainsi obtenus peuvent être comptabilisés dans la moyennetrimestrielle.Les possibilités pour le professeur, après échange avec le CPE : Ne pas noter le devoir et indiquer ABS ou NN (si non rendu ou copie blanche) Intégrer un zéro dans la moyenne sans mention particulière Intégrer un zéro dans la moyenne, et préciser en appréciation sur le bulletin « moyenne nonsignificative », avec les notes obtenues
    1. Ausführliche Berichte thematisieren die großen Hindernisse, die in Frankreich für die just transition zu einem nachhaltigen Leben bestehen. Die Klimakrise wird in allen Schichten als Bedrohung wahrgenommen, aber in den ärmeren Gruppen sieht man viel weniger Handlungsmöglichkeiten. https://www.liberation.fr/idees-et-debats/fin-du-monde-ou-fin-de-mois-quels-sont-les-freins-a-la-conversion-ecologique-des-classes-populaires-20231118_72LRGBQFONDVFJJY26JU5X2JQY/

      Bericht des Wirtschafts-, Sozial- und Umweltrates: https://www.lecese.fr/sites/default/files/pdf/Avis/2023/2023_24_RAEF.pdf

      Bericht des Wirtschaftsinstituts für das Klima: https://www.i4ce.org/publication/transition-est-elle-accessible-a-tous-les-menages-climat/

    1. Der Emissions Gap Report 2023 des UN-Umweltprogramms (Titel: Broken Rekord) zeigt, dass sich die Welt nach wie vor auf eine Erhitzung um 2,5-2,9° zubewegt. Die Wahrscheinlichkeit dafür, dass das 1,5°-Ziel noch erreicht wird, liegt bei höchstens 14%. Der Treibhausgasausstoß erreichte einen historischen Rekord; er war 2022 1,2% höher als 2021. https://www.derstandard.at/story/3000000195965/welt-steuert-auf-drei-grad-erhitzung-zu-methan

      Bericht: https://www.unep.org/resources/emissions-gap-report-2023

    1. When can we expect the Web to stop pretending to be the old things, and start being what it really ought to be?

      The Web already is what it is, at least—and what that is is not an imitation of the old. If anything, it ought to be more like the old, cf Tschichold.

      Things like citability are crucial, not just generally, but in that they are fundamental to what the Web was supposed to have been, and modern Web practices overwhelmingly sabotage it.

    1. Everything has a place so do better and find it. There is a certain belief that everything within app should be organized into functionally-named directories and any files placed in app/lib actually belongs in app/services or app/interactors or app/models or someplace if the developers just tried harder. The implication is that developers are bad developers if they don’t yet know what kind of constant they have and where its forever home should be. I reject this. Over the lifespan of an application, there will be constants that have not yet found their functional kin, if those kin ever come to exist at all; sometimes you simply need some code and a place to put it. app/lib can be the convention for where those constants can live temporarily or as long as necessary. Autoloading is really nice, let’s treat them to it.
    1. Die englische Regierung hat in der letzten Oktoberwoche 27 Lizenzen zur Öl- und Gasförderung in der Nordsee vergeben. George Monbiot konfrontiert diese Entscheidung mit aktuellen Erkenntnissen zum sechsten Massenaussterben und dem drohenden Zusammenbruch lebensunterstützender Systeme des Planeten https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2023/oct/31/flickering-earth-systems-warning-act-now-rishi-sunak-north-sea

    1. Les parents d'élèves ne sont pas représentés dans le conseil de classe pour les formations postérieures au baccalauréat de l'enseignement secondaire
    1. In der Repubblica stellt Jaime d'Alessandro fest, dass Italien dabei ist, den Kampf um ein neues Energiesystem und damit auch eine Erneuerung der Wirtschaft zu verlieren. Seit den 90ern befinde sich das Land im Stillstand. D'Alessandro beruft sich auf Studien zur besonderen Betroffenheit des Mittelmeerraums von der globalen Erhitzung und zur schon bald bevorstehenden Eisfreiheit der Arktis. https://www.repubblica.it/green-and-blue/2023/11/01/news/decarbonizzazione_greenblue_novembre-418935623/

      Studie zur eisfreien Arktis: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-023-38511-8

      Studie zur Erhitzung in Europa: doi:10.2760/93257

    1. In the West we talk about how matter—body and brain—might be the necessary conditions for the emergence of the mind. That is the scientists’ assumption. However, there is another hypothesis, which is that consciousness itself is the basic stuff of the universe and that we are the emanation of that consciousness as opposed to the origin or the evolutionary source of it. Of course, to accept that we would have to give up the idea that everything is based on some material property
      • for: materialism Vs panpsychism

      • comment

        • Husserl's phenomenology, especially his views on epoche in his later years lean more towards panpsychism although they are different in a nuanced way.
        • there is direct, pure biological phenomenological experience ,- Epoche may give us a taste of it, interment meditation may go further and the deepest meditation of decades of intense practice may re-immerse us in it.
        • Feral children who grow into feral adults, an extremely rare occurrence, may have an immersive experience of it
        • social conditioning of language bind meaning tightly to our construction and experience of objects in our sensory field
        • it is extremely difficult to disentangle our conditioned meaning with prelinguistic phenomenological experience of reality
        • spiritual awakening or enlightenment would appear to show that it is possible
        • When we attach such strong meaning to ideas, such as to scientific ideas, "material* objects, in spite of their attached, implicit symbolic complexity, appear to have a natural, autonomous and obvious existence.
        • in this way, our conscious constructs become solidified and mistaken for concrete, autonomously existent objects. Consciousness then comes to mistaken variants of consciousness itself with autonomously existent objects
    1. Ce règlement est rarement existant,mais pourrait être utile en cas de litige. A élaborer depréférence de façon préventive à un moment où le climatau sein de l’école est serein !
    2. conseil d’école établit son règlement intérieur, etnotamment les modalités des délibérations.

      Y à t'il un modèle départemental ?

    1. hires a boy ou

      J'ai corrigé « hires a boy ou » pour « hires a boy out ». À vérifier dans le texte cité.

    1. The idea of viewing my own life as a laboratory has always appealed to me.
      • for: life as a living lab

      • comment

        • in some sense, life is the ultimate potential laboratory and the labs in science are variants of the laboratory of life.
    1. Studs Terkel, the oral historian, was known to admonish friends who would read his books but leave them free of markings. He told them that reading a book should not be a passive exercise, but rather a raucous conversation.

      love "raucous conversation"!

    1. my book is 00:10:19 simply an attempt to walk us through the skills it takes to be to know another human being and make them feel known seen and heard
      • for: purpose of David Brooks' book

      • paraphrase

      • the purpose of his book is to advocate and spread the skills it takes to know another human being and make them feel known, seen and heard
    1. From this self-critical and controlled reasoning which is applied objectively andmethodically to the world, it makes sure to construct an "objectivity" which transcends the
      • for: adjacency - objectivity - imputation of the other

      • adjacency between

        • objectivity
        • imputation of the other
      • adjacency statement
        • there is a subtle assumption behind objectivity, namely that at least one other consciousness exists which can experience something the phenomena in a sufficiently similar way.
        • this is not a trivial assumption. Consider Thomas Nagel's "What is it like to be a bat?" Another human subject is typically required when "objectivity" is invoked. Certainly a bat could not experience the same phenomena objectively!
        • This also begs the question: to what extent can another human experience the phenomena the same way? We are assuming that two human beings who agree on the objectivity of a fact know what it is like to be the other in some salient way.
    1. for: empathy, self other dualism, symbolosphere, Deep Humanity, DH, othering, What is it like to be a bat?, Thomas Nagel, ingroup outgroup

      • title: What is it Like to be a Bat?
      • author: Thomas Nagel
      • date: Oct 1974

      • comment

        • Forget about what it's like to be a bat, what's it like to be another human!
        • This is a paper that can deepen our understanding of what it means to be empathetic and also its opposite, what it means to participate in othering. In the fragmented , polarized world we live in, these are very important explorations.
        • Insofar as the open source Deep Humanity praxis is focused on exploring the depths of our humanity to help facilitate the great transition through the meaning / meta / poly crisis embroiling humanity, knowing what the "other" means is very salient.

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    1. I 01:00:30 think that a proper version of the concept of synchronicity would talk about multiscale patterns so that when you're looking at electrons in the computer you would say isn't it amazing that these electrons went over here and 01:00:42 those went over there but together that's an endgate and by the way that's part of this other calculation like amazing down below all they're doing is following Maxwell's equations but looked at at another level wow they just just 01:00:54 computed the weather in you know in in Chicago so I I I think what you know I it's not about well I was going to say it's not about us and uh and our human tendency to to to to pick out patterns 01:01:07 and things like but actually I I do think it's that too because if synchronicity is is simply how things look at other scales
      • for: adjacency - consciousness - multiscale context

      • adjacency between

        • Michael's example
        • my idea of how consciousness fits into a multiscale system
      • adjacency statement
        • from a Major Evolutionary Transition of Individuality perspective, consciousness might be seen as a high level governance system of a multicellular organism
        • this begs the question: consciousness is fundamentally related to individual cells that compose the body that the consciousness appears to be tethered to
        • question: Is there some way for consciousness to directly access the lower and more primitive MET levels of its own being?
    1. Data and analytics engineers for Gentrack Logical Data Model

      Are you thinking of transforming energy and utilities sector with the world’s leading solutions​​or or even almost ready to get down to business? If so, you need a trusted software development partner for this. And it's a tough decision. Meet our client - Gentrack -leading New Zealand technology company engaged in the development, integration, and support of interactive cleantech solutions for the utility and airport industries across the globe. Now, if you are interested, take a look on how Globaldev together with Gentrack has designed and developed a completely new data and analytics layer called Gentrack Logical Data Model (GLDM) to process a wealth of data.

  5. Oct 2023
    1. Zettlekasten is an index card method of storing notes for future use. Popularized by Ryan Holiday, author of The Obstacle is The Way, the Zettlekasten system has gained a lot of traction in recent years. YouTuber Greg Wheeler, in this short but very detailed video, shares how he integrates the Zettlekasten system with Tiago Forte’s second brain methodology in a complete walkthrough:

      We have now reached peak zettelkasten-I-just-don't-know-what-the-definition-even-is-anymore. And this is a Substack focused on productivity.

      The definition of zettelkasten here is the lowest possible version.

      It's (falsely, I think) described as "popularized by Ryan Holiday" who has a form of practice, but doesn't describe it as zettelkasten. (Has he ever used the word on his blog? There's one throw away mention to it and Luhmann #, Google doesn't find any others.)

      Then as a cherry on top, he presents a mélange of methods as a Hybrid PKM system.

    1. Alter's translation puts into practice his belief that the rules of biblical style require it to reiterate, artfully, within scenes and from scene to scene, a set of "key words," a term Alter derives from Buber and Franz Rosenzweig, who in an epic labor that took nearly 40 years to complete, rendered the Hebrew Bible into a beautifully Hebraicized German. Key words, as Alter has explained elsewhere, clue the reader in to what's at stake in a particular story, serving either as "the chief means of thematic exposition" within episodes or as connective tissue between them.
    1. HTML had blown open document publishing on the internet

      ... which may have really happened, per se, but it didn't wholly incorporate (subsume/cannibalize) conventional desktop publishing, which is still in 2023 dominated by office suites (a la MS Word) or (perversely) browser-based facsimiles like Google Docs. Because the Web as it came to be used turned out to be as a sui generis medium, not exactly what TBL was aiming for, which was giving everything (everything—including every existing thing) its own URL.

    1. Un arrêt du Conseil d'État estime lui aussi que le manque de clarté est un moyen suffisant pour annuler une décision administrative : Considérant que le terme X est inconnu de la langue française ; que les parties lui prêtent des significations peu concordantes, et recouvrant un ensemble particulièrement diffus de caractéristiques de comportement (etc.) ; que le requérant a pu ne pas comprendre (etc.) ? qu'il n'a pas été en mesure de s'en défendre utilement ; que le moyen est fondé8. 50Il arrive donc parfois qu'un vice dans le schéma de la communication soit sanctionné par le juge : la lisibilité peut être considérée comme une des conditions de validité d'un texte juridique.

      Arrêt n° 44.271, 29 septembre 1993. En l'occurrence, il s'agissait du mot « assertivité »

    1. Pour traduire laréforme dans les faits, il faut investir dans sa présentation, sa mise en œuvre, son suivi etson évaluation
    1. e vous présvent on va commencer c'est vous qui allez bosser je vais vous faire faire deux petits exercices d'implication l'objectif c'est justement qu'on soit pas dans quelque chose de descendant donc si je vous implique tout 00:23:09 de suite si je vous propose des petits exercices d'implication vous allez vous sentir sans doute un peu plus concerné par le la thématique et vous allez faire des liens avec ce qu'on va se raconter
    1. b) De prendre des mesures, chaque fois que cela est possible et souhaitable, pour traiter ces enfants sans recourir à la procédure judiciaire, étant cependant entendu que les droits de l'homme et les garanties légales doivent être pleinement respectés.

      article 40

    1. Zwischen 2016 und 2021 wurden weltweit mindestens 43,1 Millionen Kinder durch klimabedingte Wetterereignisse wie Überschwemmungen, Stürme, Dürren und Waldbrände vertrieben. Bei diesen Angaben aus einem neuen Unicef-Report handelt es sich um Mindestzahlen; die realen Werte dürften weit höher liegen. Der Bericht prognostiziert Verschlimmerungen bis hin zu mehr als einer Verdoppelung dieser Zahlen bis 2050. https://taz.de/Unicef-Bericht-zum-Klimawandel/!5964808/

      Bericht: https://www.unicef.org/reports/children-displaced-changing-climate

    1. https://www.caf.fr/> https://monenfant.fr/
    2. https://www.anccef.fr/
    3. https://www.caf.fr/> https://www.msa.fr/lfy/presse/parcours-je-me-separe
    4. https://fd78.centres-sociaux.fr/reseau/
    5. https://www.yvelines.gouv.fr/Actualites/COVID-19-Accompagnement-des-victimes-de-violences-conjugales-sexistes-et-sexuelles
    6. https://www.caf.fr/> https://monenfant.fr/
    7. https://www.caf.fr/> https://www.msa.fr/lfy/famille/mediation-familiale
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    9. https://www.caf.fr/> https://www.msa.fr/lfy/famille/offre-msa
    10. ce.casnav-oepre@ac-versailles.fr
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    12. https://www.pension-alimentaire.caf.fr/> https://www.caf.fr/aripa> https://www.msa.fr/lfy/continuite-du-versement-et-du-recouvrement-de-la-pension-alimentaire-la-msa-accompagne-les-parents
    13. Maison des Adolescents Yvelines Nord :https://www.mdayvelinesnord.fr> Maison des Adolescents Yvelines Sud :https://www.versailles.fr/fileadmin/user_upload/Versailles-fr/Solidarites_sante/Pdf/Sante/Plaquette_MDA.pdf
    1. En région académique ou en académie, le référent Qualéduc ou le comité académique, selon sa lettre de mission, est chargé de valoriser la démarche auprès des établissements, de former, accompagner et soutenir ceux qui souhaitent utiliser cet outil d’amélioration.


    1. ce qui est intéressant dans ces deux enquêtes c'est que enfin dans toutes ces enquêtes c'est de voir comment l'école est considérée comme une institution légitime pour s'emparer des questions de sexualité
    2. uatre pages les quatre pages ils sont là aussi et d'abord pour les professionnels et donc utiliser les mobilisez-les et sur les questions de sexualité sur les questions de violence ça vous permet d'une part d'avoir des connaissances mais aussi de légitimer 00:03:58 certaines actions que vous pouvez mener dans les établissements
    1. faire connaître la loi inviter chacun à s'inscrire dans ce que la loi lui 00:48:08 prescrit tout particulièrement en fonctionnaire qui sont je pense vous le savez endroit une élite républicaine choisie pour exercer durement sélectionné pour exercer une mission 00:48:21 d'intérêt général
    1. you can't see the big picture you can't see what's going on until everything has sort of already happened and then you can piece it together so that is one of 00:08:13 the tantalizing and engaging as well points about natural history about Evolution it's largely a reconstructive sort of science it's not a benchtop science for the most part you have to sort of reconstruct things and you have 00:08:25 to look to living animals to get an idea of what was going on in the past so you can link clues about the past that you have a very limited record to the morphology the physiology the behavior of living animals
      • for: evolution - a reconstructive science

      • insight

        • evolution is a reconstructive science
          • one has to look at living species, combine with whatever meager fossil physical evidence to reconstruct a picture of life forms in the past
    1. Stallings said, “Does Emily’s clarity betray that element of the epic register that Matthew Arnold calls ‘nobility’? Some critics think a certain grandeur is missing. But every translation is a compromise, even a great one.”

      esp. the last portion

      every translation is a compromise, even a great one.

    1. Aunity can be variously stated

      Every book, while holding the same words, will be different based on the context and needs of the individual reader.

    2. "This," says Aristotle, "is the essence of the plot; the rest isepisode."

      Aristotle on the unity of a work.


    3. You have not graspeda complex unity if all you know about it is how it is one. Youmust also know how it is many, not a many that consists of alot of separate things, but an organized many. If the partswere not organically related, the whole that they composedwould not be one. Strictly speaking, there would be no wholeat all but merely a collection.

      This is also an art of putting notes together to make an article or book.

    4. If it requires too many words, you have not seen theunity but a multiplicity.

      How are they defining "multiplicity" here? There seems to be a tacit definition with respect to being in opposition to "unity" (of a work), but not an explicit one. It also seems to be a shaded meaning with respect to the more common one.

      unity: essence, core, coherence, oneness

      They use the word "multiplicity" in the usual sense of large number or multitude on p55: "The multiplicity of the rules indicates the complexity of the one habit to be formed, not a plurality of distinct habits."

      They also revisit it in the upcoming section: "Mastering the Multiplicity: The Art of Outlining a Book" on p88

      Perhaps its just me but there's a linguistic "softness" of the uses of unity and multiplicity here with respect to 2023. Though these two opposites fit the dictionary definitions of their words, is it possible that this softness is the result of a sort of historical linguistic shift I'm feeling in these words? I can't quite put my finger on it, but perhaps it's the relationship of unity to religion? Neither seem to be frequently used these days.

      The Ngram Viewer shows peaks for the use of unity in 1660 and 1960 of almost 75% higher usage compared to a broader historical average. It is generally waning since. Multiplicity has about 1/4 the use of unity and has remained flat over time. What caused the peaks in the use of "unity" during these periods? This 1972 use was on the downslope of the 1960s peak. Was it used in the 1940 version?

      The 20th century increase in the use of unity begins around 1914 and may have been related to political shades of meaning going into WWI with another marked rise in the lead up to WW2.

    5. Youmust apprehend the unity with definiteness. There is only oneway to know that you have succeeded. You must be able totell yourself or anybody else what the unity is, and in a fewwords. ( If it requires too many words, you have not seen theunity but a multiplicity. ) Do not be satisfied with "feeling theunity" that you cannot express. The reader who says, "I knowwhat it is, but I just can't say it," probably does not even foolhimself.

      Adler/Van Doren use the statement of unity of a work as an example of testing one's understanding of a work and its contents.

      (Again, did this exist in the 1940 edition?)

      Who do McDaniel and Donnelly 1996 cite in their work as predecessors of their idea as certainly it existed?

      Examples in the literature of this same idea/method after this: - https://hypothes.is/a/TclhyMfqEeyTkQdZl43ZyA (Feynman Technique in ZK; relationship to Ahrens) - explain it to me like I'm a 5th grader - https://hypothes.is/a/BKhfvuIyEeyZj_v7eMiYcg ("People talk" in Algebra Project) - https://hypothes.is/a/m0KQSDlZEeyYFLulG9z0vw (Intellectual Life version) - https://hypothes.is/a/OyAAflm5Ee6GStMjUMCKbw (earlier version of statement in this same work) - https://hypothes.is/a/iV5MwjivEe23zyebtBagfw (Ahrens' version of elaboration citing McDaniel and Donnelly 1996, this uses both restatement and application to a situation as a means of testing understanding) - https://hypothes.is/a/B3sDhlm5Ee6wF0fRYO0OQg (Adler's version for testing understanding from his video) - https://hypothes.is/a/rh1M5vdEEeut4pOOF7OYNA (Manfred Kuenh and Luhmann's reformulating writing)



      p. 75-76

    8. The unity of a novel is not the sameas the unity of a treatise on politics; nor are the parts of thesame sort, or ordered in the same way. But every book without exception that is worth reading at all has a unity and anorganization of parts.

      first appearance of "unity" in the book (outside of community and opportunity).

    1. .

      Some experiments which involve conscious perception of external stimuli with reports/tasks have shown activation of prefrontal areas, but this activation may have been related to the reports/tasks rather than the conscious experiences (not indicative of content-specific NCC). Other experiments which involve conscious perception of external stimuli without reports/tasks showed more posterior activation than anterior activation (indicative of content-specific NCC).