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  1. Feb 2024
  2. Jan 2024
    1. Ghana ist weltweit das Land mit der schnellsten Entwaldungsrate. Die meisten Abholzungen sind illegal und widersprechen der neuen EU-Verordnung zu entwaldungsfreien Lieferketten. Die Bestimmungen werden in großen Stil umgegangen, dabei spielt Korruption eine große Rolle, aber auch mangelnde Kontrolle bei den Importeuren. Reportage der taz. https://taz.de/Abholzung-in-Ghana/!5985427/

    1. The earth has become an ‘active, local, limited, sensitive, fragile, trembling and easily irritated envelo

      Räumlichkeit, Handlungsmacht der Teile und Instabilität der Erde oder Gaias gehören zusammen.

  3. Dec 2023
    1. this third book is very much a book about activism it's about personal engagement it's about agency how we can how we can make the world better as individuals and perhaps 00:20:38 collectively as as societies
      • for: book - Commanding Hope - description

      • book: Commanding Hope

        • This is a book about agency, activism and personal engagement
        • It takes a philosophical understanding of hope and applies it to the polycrisis we face
  4. Nov 2023
    1. Ein neuer Bericht der europäischen Kommission sagt aus, dass die EU dreimal so schnell dekarbonisieren muss wie bisher, um das Ziel zu erreichen, die Emissionen bis 2030 um 55% zu reduzieren. Den Zahlen der European Environment Agency zufolge reicht der gegenwärtige Kurs nur für eine Reduzierung um 43%. Ein Haupthindernis sind die enorm hohen fossilen Subventionen. Die Selbstverpflichtungen von EU-Staaten vor der COP28 treffen z.T. verspätet ein, und die vorliegenden sind einem Bericht des Climate Action Network zufolge sehr unzureichend. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/oct/24/eu-must-cut-emissions-three-times-more-quickly-report-says

      State of the Energy Union: https://energy.ec.europa.eu/system/files/2023-10/COM_2023_650_1_EN_ACT_part1_v10.pdf CAN-Bericht: https://caneurope.org/content/uploads/2023/10/NECPs_Assessment-Report_October2023.pdf

    1. Reflecting on this, I'm reminded of a pattern that has been evident since my days co-running Third Wave with Johannes: the adoption of Uncertainty Coping Strategies. Broadly speaking, these are various behaviors, products, and practices people employ to manage the strains of everyday reality. Our work has consistently identified a spectrum ranging from technological interventions like neuroimplants to the rise in mindfulness services.The staggering contrasts in how different socioeconomic groups address these pressures are well illustrated by the recent New York Times article.

      'uncertainty coping strategies' equal living your life I suppose, in the face of the 'strains of everyday reality' since the groups in caves. What is different here wrt Igor and Johannes' work experience and patterns. Just Urbanism (then how is this diff from 18th century?) The complexity of those strains? The inability to withdraw from strains created by others through industrial work practices / social media algo inducement? The sense of looming doom wrt ecocollapse, financial crash etc, systemic threats iw and no agency to individually address some of that? Or is it merely the high end market catering to it, exploiting the stress rather than solving the stressors? What is Igo saying here?

  5. Oct 2023
    1. 23:00 intrinsic motivation gives agency, makes you less vulnerable to outside forces (which impose extrinsic motivation)

      24:00 “detached like a monk, engaged like a warrior”

  6. Sep 2023
    1. "I had to stand up and create the sub-category for my work because others could not get it right. Creating a space is better than trying to fit into a space that was never made for you. I don't do erasure. #Africanfuturism #Africanjujuism " says author Nnedi Okorafor. Here 5 authors who coined their own subgenres https://bookriot.com/authors-who-coined-their-own-sub-genres/ e.g. hopepunk, silkpunk, barrio noir, quozy mystery and Okorafor's two.

      Creating a space has harmonics with [[It’s More Logical to Host an Event Than Attend One – Interdependent Thoughts 20210309093335]] and esp Rorty's [[Is het nieuwe uit te leggen in taal van het oude 20031104104340]], labeling your own thing / making a space / creating new language as an act of agency

    1. 10:00 hero’s journey as non-deterministic, growing possibility of horizons for individuals

      seeing day as potential horizons, facing the dragons of the day

      see in Hobbit, Harry Potter, Star Wars

    1. The drama of suspenseful approach does not have to be tied to combat or to jack-in-the-box effects. It can also have the feeling of a determination to face the truth, to stare directly at the threatening beast.

      This immersion factor is why story is such a crucial part of games - they cannot allow for complete agency, or else these moments of thrilling or terrifying emotion would not naturally emerge

    2. We sing along with the chorus and remain silent for the verse; we answer the singer’s “call” with the appropriate response. And we do these things in unison as a single voice.

      Murray writes about call and response as a a kind of participatory engagement but with limited engagement because it's a form with expected patterns. I think this kind of repetition in traditional forms speaks to a kind of social agency if not to individual agency

    3. Computer-based journey stories offer a new way of savoring exactly this pleasure, a pleasure that is intensified by uniting the problem solving with the active process of navigation.

      This is an interesting connection that I had not thought of when I consume literature. In traditional literature, I don't find myself wanting to problem solve but I can understand incorporating problem solving into digital literature is a very engaging way to maintain other people's attention and further emphasize a message.

    1. As I move forward, I feel a sense of powerfulness, of significant action, that is tied to my pleasure in the unfolding story. In an adventure game this pleasure also feels like winning. But in a narrative experience not structured as a win-lose contest the movement forward has the feeling of enacting a meaningful experience both consciously chosen and surprising.

      Maze based games give a sense an agency as they are often moved forward directly by the player's actions. There's a sense of progress that can be called winning even if the game is not structured as a binary win or loss.

      It ties back to their original definition of agency and how it shows up in entertainment.

    2. Agency is the satisfying power to take meaningful action and see the results of our decisions and choices.

      Great definition of "agency." I think though that it leaves it up to us to determine what meaningful action is and what constitutes satisfying results.

  7. Aug 2023
    1. (~10:00) "The context determines the meaning of the content."

      Thus reframing is very powerful as you recontextualize the past, and therefore see it in a whole new light; the meaning of the past changed.

      By asking what you have learned from the past, you become anti-fragile and flexible, as you turn the past into something useful; an asset.

      "The past happens for us, not to us."

      "How you frame the past influences your expectations for the future."

      "You can't disconnect your view of the future from your experience in the present."

      "You can't have meaning in the present without hope & purpose in the future."

    2. One of the powerful things about journaling is that you can control the past; reframe it. What is the meaning of the past gets determined by both the present and the future.

      Hardy recommends to often (even daily) reflect on the past and notice how different you are now compared to then. What you have achieved, what is possible now that was not possible then, etc.

      What did I learn today?

    3. (~4:00) We interpret reality in a (cognitive) schema. Reality exists only in the mind. We cannot view reality objectively because it is intertwined with perception and cognition (see also John Boyd's OODA loop).

      Sidenote; because of this, time is also holistic; in our schema, the past, present, and future are basically all-existent at once.

    4. Watch this video for much interesting information about journaling.

      Journaling is all about agency

  8. Jun 2023
    1. Overview of how tech changes work moral changes. Seems to me a detailing of [[Monstertheorie 20030725114320]] diving into a specific part of it, where cultural categories are adapted to fit new tech in. #openvraag are the sources containing refs to either Monster theory by Smits or the anthropoligical work of Mary Douglas. Checked: it doesn't, but does cite refs by PP Verbeek and Marianne Boenink, so no wonder there's a parallel here.

      The first example mentioned points in this direction too: the 70s redefinition of death as brain death, where it used to be heart stopped (now heart failure is a cause of death), was a redefinition of cultural concepts to assimilate tech change. Third example is a direct parallel to my [[Empathie verschuift door Infrastructuur 20080627201224]] [[Hyperconnected individuen en empathie 20100420223511]]

      Where Monstertheory is a tool to understand and diagnose discussions of new tech, wherein the assmilation part (both cultural cats and tech get adapted) is the pragmatic route (where the mediation theory of PP Verbeek is located), it doesn't as such provide ways to act / intervene. Does this taxonomy provide agency?

      Or is this another way to locate where moral effects might take place, but still the various types of responses to Monsters still may determine the moral effect?

      Zotero antilib Mechanisms of Techno-moral Change

      Via Stephen Downes https://www.downes.ca/post/75320

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  9. May 2023
    1. Chatti notes that Connectivism misses some concepts, which are crucial for learning, such as reflection, learning from failures, error detection and correction, and inquiry. He introduces the Learning as a Network (LaaN) theory which builds upon connectivism, complexity theory, and double-loop learning. LaaN starts from the learner and views learning as the continuous creation of a personal knowledge network (PKN).[18]

      Learning as a Network LaaN and Personal Knowledge Network PKN , do these labels give me anything new?

      Mohamed Amine Chatti: The LaaN Theory. In: Personalization in Technology Enhanced Learning: A Social Software Perspective. Aachen, Germany: Shaker Verlag, 2010, pp. 19-42. http://mohamedaminechatti.blogspot.de/2013/01/the-laan-theory.html I've followed Chatti's blog in the past I think. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Amine Chatti is professor of computer science and head of the Social Computing Group in the Department of Computer Science and Applied Cognitive Science at the University of Duisburg-Essen. (did his PhD at RWTH in 2010, which is presumably how I came across him, through Ralf Klamma)

    1. Dave Troy is a US investigative journalist, looking at the US infosphere. Places resistance against disinformation not as a matter of factchecking and technology but one of reshaping social capital and cultural network topologies.

      Early work by Valdis Krebs comes to mind vgl [[Netwerkviz en people nav 20091112072001]] and how the Finnish 'method' seemed to be a mix of [[Crap detection is civic duty 2018010073052]] and social capital aspects. Also re taking an algogen text as is / stand alone artefact vs seeing its provenance and entanglement with real world events, people and things.

    1. This simple approach to avoiding bad decisions is an example of second-level thinking. Instead of going for the most immediate, obvious, comfortable decision, using your future regrets as a tool for thought is a way to ensure you consider the potential negative outcomes.

      Avoiding bad decisions isn't the same as making a constructive decision though. This here is more akin to postponed gratification.

    2. This visualisation technique can be used for small and big decisions alike. Thinking of eating that extra piece of cake? Walk yourself through the likely thoughts of your future self. Want to spend a large sum of money on a piece of tech you’re not sure yet how you will use? Think about how your future self will feel about the decision

      Note that these are examples that imply that using regret of future self in decision making is mostly for deciding against a certain action (eat cake, buy new toy).

    3. Instead of letting your present self make the decision on their own, ignoring the experience of your future self who will need to deal with the consequences later, turn the one-way decision process into a conversation between your present and future self.

      As part of decision making involve a 'future self' so that different perspective(s) can get taken into account in a personal decision on an action.

    4. Bring your future self in the decision-making process

      Vgl Vinay Gupta's [[Verantwoording aan de kinderen 20200616102016]] as a way of including future selves, by tying consequence evalution to the human rights of children.

    5. In-the-moment decisions have a compound effect: while each of them doesn’t feel like a big deal, they add up overtime.

      Compounding plays a role in any current decision. Vgl [[Compound interest van implementatie en adoptie 20210216134309]] [[Compound interest of habits 20200916065059]]

    6. temporal discounting. The further in the future the consequences, the least we pay attention to them

      Temporal discounting: future consequences are taken into account as an inverse of time. It's based on urgency as a survival trait.

    1. Agent-regret seems a useful term to explore. Also in less morally extreme settings than the accidental killing in this piece.

    1. A more ideal form of this is the human and the AI agent are collaborative partners doing things together. These are often called human-in-the-loop systems.

      collaborative is different from shifting the locus of agency to the human, it implies shared agency. Also human in the loop I usually see used not for agency but for control (final decision is a human) and hence liability. (Which is often problematic because the human is biased to accept conclusions presented to them. ) Meant as safeguard only, not changing the role of the model agent, or intended to shift agency.

    2. I tried to come up with three snappy principles for building products with language models. I expect these to evolve over time, but this is my first passFirst, protect human agency. Second, treat models as reasoning engines, not sources of truth And third, augment cognitive abilities rather than replace them.

      Use LLM in tools that 1. protect human agency 2. treat models as reasoning engines, not source of truth / oracles 3. augment cog abilities, no greedy reductionism to replace them

      I would not just protect human agency, which turns our human efforts into a preserve, LLM tools need to increase human agency (individually and societally) 3 yes, we must keep Engelbarting! lack of 2 is the source of the hype balloon we need to pop. It starts with avoiding anthromorphizing through our idiom around these tools. It will be hard. People want their magic wand, not the colder realism of 2 (you need to keep sorting out your own messes, but with a better shovel)

    1. “I was told by [a district reading administrator] that for too long teachers in this district have thought that their job was to create curriculum. I was told that is not our job. Our job is to ‘deliver’ [she makes quote signs in the air with her fingers] curriculum.”

      This has implications for instructional designers and is one of the main reasons why a teacher of record should participate in the design of a course to the fullest extent possible. It isn't just about "buy in". It's about authenticity, authority, and teacher agency.

  10. Apr 2023
    1. Bericht von Bloomberg Green über grüne Investitionen von Venture-Kapitalisten. Im Vordergrund stehen - oft mit öffentlicher Beteiligung - nicht mehr die schon eingeführten Technologien zur Energieerzeugung sondern Elektrifizierung neuer Bereiche und auch das Speichern von CO2. 2022 würden ca. 70 Milliarden USD venture Capital und insgesamt 652 Milliarden in Climate Tech investiert. Der International Renewable Energy Agency zufolge müssen sich die Investitionen jährlich vervierfachen. https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2023-climate-tech-startups-where-to-invest/?srnd=green&leadSource=uverify%20wall

    1. In other words, the currently popular AI bots are ‘transparent’ intellectually and morally — they provide the “wisdom of crowds” of the humans whose data they were trained with, as well as the biases and dangers of human individuals and groups, including, among other things, a tendency to oversimplify, a tendency for groupthink, and a confirmation bias that resists novel and controversial explanations

      not just trained with, also trained by. is it fully transparent though? Perhaps from the trainers/tools standpoint, but users are likely to fall for the tool abstracting its origins away, ELIZA style, and project agency and thus morality on it.

  11. Mar 2023
    1. What is the relationship between protocols and agency? Do protocols assume or require a set of participating agents with autonomy or free-will?

      Initial thoughts — review later I mean, if I had to pull in some Bandura, it's bi-drectional determinism? Right? So it's influencing behaviour as an environmental factor that could also be done by thinking?

      If I think about Csikszentmihalyi in Good Business on culture as a game, perhaps rules are to games what protocols are to culture? If culture is a set of norms that keep you from anomie / entropy and make spaces for alienation, then the agency of the individual may be developed over time (control over consciousness) that may allow for greater expression over agency to follow or not follow protocols. In this sense, protocols would be the default, and intentionally not following protocols (probabilistically not by chance) might require agency? That is if we are following the definition that good protocols have the Schelling point or become default and are almost invisible untill they break.

      Bureaucracy may be an example of a deeply frustrating protocol?

  12. Feb 2023
    1. CAA Raises Eight to Agent by Mia Galuppo

      Kate Arenson, Jessica Brown, Sydney Chance, Emmett Gordon, Ron Jordan, Sydney Lipsitz, Peter Morton and Andi Wong have been upped.

      read on Fri 2022-12-09 7:10 AM

  13. Jan 2023
    1. change our relationship to the physical world – to end an era of profligate consumption by the few that has consequences for the many – means changing how we think about pretty much everything: wealth, power, joy, time, space, nature, value, what constitutes a good life, what matters, how change itself happens

      who's the we here? Just the few (rich countries) or also the many. Then lists aspects systems / ethics and what method of change you think to deploy.

      The Ponzi scheme that is western society is centered as cause and its end the remedy. Vgl [[De externe input cheat 20091015070231]] where I formulate the same. We've run out of being able to ignore [[Geexternaliseerde effecten 20200914204533]]. Is this a [[Ethics of Agency 20201003161155]]?

    1. Dave positions free will as a 1 or 0 thing, and then tends to 0. Is it that binary though? A spectrum (matters of degree across different contexts) would also help explain things.

      Free will is not free of consequences, which is where conditioning kicks in. (and society demanding responsibility or not)

      How about animals? Conditioned by their ecosystem (like us, by ecosystem and culture), yet free to roam which coalesces into patterns (migration, foraging, trails)

      Is emergence then disproving free will? Emergence is the only possible definition of 'they' here. Which lacks intention and planning. Still means you can perceive it as forcing you / hostility compared to you individually.

      Evolution. Your starting point on the evolutionary field of possibilities is determined outside of you, and limits choices/paths, as does every choice made along the way cut off certain paths and brings others in reach. One has limited control there by def, and no control for the first phase of life (what little control as child is there is while ignorant of consequences down the line wrt options).

      This juxtaposes invidivual (having free will or not), and society (imposing full conditioning). Crux of complexity is group level, groups one is part of by conditioning/birth and by choice/seeking out within available pre-conditioned options. There is no influence free place, but doubt it's a prerequisite for free will. Is agency more useful term, as it does apply to groups, and by extension organisations and countries. Bit weird their mention in context of free will as if anthromorphisation is something actual.

  14. Dec 2022
    1. The crucial divide, just as with the Mastodon code, is between the programming haves and have-nots, the coders and non-coders. The openness of the ecosystem means that it is in principle a lot more democratic, as it creates meaningful possibilities to shape it by contributing code. But this ability is not available to the majority of users, leading to a sort of caste society, built on top of an open source infrastructure. There is no realistic scenario in which all users learn to code – therefore participatory governance approaches, which take control of the code away from the hands of the coders, and into collective decision-making processes, is the only way forward. 

      This comes back to my 'tech smaller than us', governance and technological control over a tool should reside within the context-specific group of users using it. Which does not mean every single person within the group needs all the skills to control the tool, just that the group has it within itself, and decides on how that control is used a group. Vgl [[Networked Agency 20160818213155]] and [[Technologie kleiner dan ons 20160818122905]] n:: This would e.g. imply in Tarkowski's text that a community run instance would ensure having at least 1 member contribute code to Mastodon, and strategically operate to ensure that. Is this also an element wrt the above about Paradox of Open, as the non-monetary benefits of contributing may be well be enumerated as part of the operating costs of a community instance?

  15. Nov 2022
  16. Oct 2022
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  17. Sep 2022
    1. a vision for how hardware and software created by, with and for community organisations: 

      This is key imo : created by, with and for. Just for is not enough, with is the minimum. By is preferred if possible. If with, not by, then the community involved needs to be able to fully control deployment and settings. It must be within the scope of the user group.

      While community tech is important, being a community is a pretty high threshold. For any group that is connected, and shares the same issue, can increase its agency with what is here defined as community tech.

    2. https://web.archive.org/web/20220916075836/https://rachelcoldicutt.medium.com/the-case-for-community-tech-report-launch-and-fund-news-35784b6498f8

      Alberto says of this https://twitter.com/alberto_cottica/status/1570357027485925378 'most communities gravitate towards tech minimalism: "community tech" is 95% community, 5% tech. And then funders lose interest.' Unless funders are from within the community I suppose. Goes back to networked agency / and the need for tech to be smaller than us, to be within scope of control of the people using the tech for a specific purpose.

    1. In combination with SCA, CERICoffers freedom from the transmission model of learning, where theprofessor lectures and the students regurgitate. SCA can help buildlearning communities that increase students’ agency and power inconstructing knowledge, realizing something closer to a constructivistlearning ideal. Thus, SCA generates a unique opportunity to makeclassrooms more equitable by subverting the historicallymarginalizing higher education practices centered on the professor.

      Here's some justification for the prior statement on equity, but it comes after instead of before. (see: https://hypothes.is/a/SHEFJjM6Ee2Gru-y0d_1lg)

      While there is some foundation to the claim given, it would need more support. The sage on the stage may be becoming outmoded with other potential models, but removing it altogether does remove some pieces which may help to support neurodiverse learners who work better via oral transmission rather than using literate modes (eg. dyslexia).

      Who is to say that it's "just" sage on the stage lecturing and regurgitation? Why couldn't these same analytical practices be aimed at lectures, interviews, or other oral modes of presentation which will occur during thesis research? (Think anthropology and sociology research which may have much more significant oral aspects.)

      Certainly some of these methods can create new levels of agency on the part of the learner/researcher. Has anyone designed experiments to measure this sort of agency growth?

    1. translate those notions into stuff that I can tackle in my own sphere of influence. And to me those then make up the stuff that matters.

      Things that matter are a combination of things of interest plus sphere of influence/action radius. This can bring macro issues into a place where they can be addressed by micro actions that have meaning locally and contribute to the issue at scale. Contributes to the invisible hand of networks. Vgl [[Invisible hand of networks 20180616115141]]

    2. the ancient cathedrals and La Sagrada Familia, though unfinished, are meaningful. They are testimony to the community and community processes over generations that built them. Barn raising is way more important than having a barn built by a contractor, even though the result in terms of barns is the same.

      Cathedral building or its more practical and common relative barn raising are expressions of communal effort, and a monument to a community's value/coherence. What a community creates for communal use can be proxy for its meaning. It's a result from community feeding back into community. I've also used the metaphor of mushrooms on mycelium (also comparing orgs to mushrooms)

    1. Giving people the tools to live their lives easier and better and having my skills and labor appreciated (and fairly compensated thanks to the union) is a kind of unadulterated joy I want everyone to experience. 

      Providing agency is rewarding in itself.

  18. Aug 2022
    1. To be clear, I don’t see John’s progress as a reflection of my teaching. He discovered how to use speech-to-text tools to help him write. He showed up and worked hard every day in our virtual classroom. He took initiative and persevered— all skills I didn’t teach him.

      Useful reminder, connected to our goals and roles, as learning pros. Some of us celebrate when people empower themselves through learning. Yet, some people have issues with the fact that there hasn't been an intervention.

      My little quip:

      People learn despite teachers.

    1. he had a concept he called HLAMT: “Humans using Language, Artifacts, Methodology, and Training.” My initial interviews with Engelbart led to a long-lasting conversation with him. And from time to time, he would point out that the artifacts, as I just mentioned, are millions of times more powerful than the ones that he worked with at the Stanford Research Institute. But the language, the methodology, and the training really haven’t caught up with it.

      Doug Engelbart used acronym HLAMT wrt augmenting human intelligence: Humans using Language, Artifacts, Methodology, Training. Our artifacts are much more powerful now, language, methodology and training still need to catch up. Rheingold says we're on the verge of that.

      Second thought: the A and M roughly map to tech and methods in my networked agency image as design aid. Think about netag in context of Engelbart's basic vision to elicit some more thoughts.

  19. Jul 2022
    1. The energy sector contains a large number of long‐lived and capital‐intensive assets. Urban infrastructure, pipelines, refineries, coal‐fired power plants, heavy industrial facilities, buildings and large hydro power plants can have technical and economic lifetimes of well over 50 years. If today’s energy infrastructure was to be operated until the end of the typical lifetime in a manner similar to the past, we estimate that this would lead to cumulative energy‐related and industrial process CO2 emissions between 2020 and 2050 of just under 650 Gt CO2. This is around 30% more than the remaining total CO2 budget consistent with limiting global warming to 1.5 °C with a 50% probability (see Chapter 2)

      Emissionen durch die Verfeuerung der vorhandenen Assets: 650 Gigatonnen

      Das bedeutet eine 30prozentige Überschreitung des CO2-Budgets für 50% Wahrscheinlichkeit des 1,5°-Ziels

    1. Can they reshape the contours and boundaries of their socialsituations instead of being shaped by them?

      !- key insight : can an individual reshape the contours of their social situations instead of being shaped by them? * This realization would open up the door to authentic inner transformation * This is an important way to describe the discovery of personal empowerment and agency via realization of the bare human spirit, the "thought sans image"

    2. In searching for a configuration of intelligences in the world that would make possible for humansto govern, we want the exemplar human agents X, Y and Z to be able to impact the socio-econo-politicalsystem rather than be steered and moulded by it.

      !- in other words : This would be true individual DIRECT governance agency, rather than INDIRECT and ineffective representational agency.

  20. May 2022
    1. The hyper-response takes the viewpoint that, in the context of the enormous amount of work that needs to be done in a short period of time, Earth’s large human population is an asset if it can be effectively leveraged as part of the hyper-response

      The billions of ordinary people whose potential as appropriate level change actors has remained untapped. It is a significant reservoir of collective agency, an enormous repository of idling resource. It just needs a compelling enough narrative to lower the threshold to participatory collective action.

  21. Apr 2022
    1. But amid our slender repertoire of agency are the labels we choose for our labors of love — the works of thought and tenderness we make with the whole of who we are.

      —Maria Popova, on choosing a new name for her website.

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  22. Mar 2022
    1. Creative work is not complete until it is disseminated

      This is an interesting perspective, but are there cases where it's false?

      Link to the idea at CAA that you haven't really read a script unless you've actively acted upon what you've read.

    1. My own stance toward media literacy—the reason I wrote this book—is based on the same conclu-sion Baron reached: that human agency, not just technology, is key.

      menschliche Agentur als Schlüssel



  23. Jan 2022
    1. My calling in our ward was Cub Scout leader, and there were two young brothers in my Webelos group. That summer their family was in a terrible car accident. One of the brothers was in critical condition for weeks, and I visited him in the hospital, where he was wrapped nearly head to toe in bandages. This was the early 1990s, when AIDS was not well understood, and this young boy contracted the HIV virus from a blood transfusion. It took many months, but he eventually recovered from most of his injuries, yet at that time being infected with the HIV virus was akin to a death sentence. He was asked to speak in Church about what he had learned from his experience. Although he was only twelve, he gave what I think is the most profound and insightful address on the problem of evil that I have ever heard. He said: Some people have asked me what I did wrong to deserve what happened to me. I’m not perfect, but I’m a good boy, and I know this is not something I deserved. Others have said, “You must be a really strong person for God to give you such a difficult trial.”  I don’t feel strong, and anyway, I don’t believe God did this as a reward for my being particularly righteous. No, I don’t think this happened because I’m particularly bad or particularly good. I believe it happened because I’m mortal, and this is part of the price of mortality. We come to earth, we exercise our agency, and other people exercise theirs, and sometimes we hurt each other, and sometimes accidents happen. Think about that—“the price of mortality.”

      Story from Myrna:

      Son was in counseling, counselor threw a box of tissue across the room and asked "where is that box of tissue supposed to be?" Her son: "On the table.". Counselor: "No, that is where you want it to be. It is across the room because that is where it is supposed to be. I through it across the room - physics, purpose, etc all mean it is SUPPOSED to be across the room. you WANT it on the table but everything that happened, every decision, meant that it is on the floor across the room"

  24. Dec 2021
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    1. How to Choose the Right Marketplace Development Company?DmitryCEOMarketplaceHomeBlogEntrepreneurshipHow to Choose the Right Marketplace Development Company?PublishedMay 8, 2020UpdatedMay 8, 20209 min readDo you want to build a marketplace app but cannot choose the right marketplace development company? There are dozens of web agencies, and their services seem to be quite similar. So how can you know whether you can trust a software provider? We have a solution for you. In this article, we have prepared the most important factors you need to take into account when choosing a marketplace development agency.

      Do you want to build a marketplace app but cannot choose the right marketplace development company? There are dozens of web agencies, and their services seem to be quite similar. So how can you know whether you can trust a software provider?

      We have a solution for you. In this article, we have prepared the most important factors you need to take into account when choosing a marketplace development agency.

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    1. How to Choose a Reliable SaaS Application Development CompanyKateCloud & SaaS Product ResearcherDmitryCEOSaaSHomeBlogEntrepreneurshipHow to Choose a Reliable SaaS Application Development CompanyPublishedAug 5, 2020UpdatedAug 5, 202012 min readCurrently, SaaS is the largest segment of the global public cloud services market. The growing SaaS industry provides an equal-opportunity atmosphere for businesses. It concerns enterprises from startups to tech giants – and any size in between. It explains why traditional software companies, like Microsoft and Adobe, decided to look into that direction too. Indeed, the time is ripe for developing a SaaS application now. But however tempting it may be, do not dive in headfirst with launching a SaaS product, because sometimes, it can be very challenging. That is why we have prepared a guide on finding a SaaS application development company that will be your best bet.

      Looking to build a SaaS app? You will need help of a reliable development team. Check our advice on how to choose a SaaS development company.

    1. Spree Commerce: How to Quickly Build an Ecommerce WebsiteAlinaE-Commerce & SaaS StrategistMarketplaceProduct GuideHomeBlogEntrepreneurshipSpree Commerce: How to Quickly Build an Ecommerce WebsitePublishedAug 31, 2020UpdatedAug 31, 202011 min readThe hype around Amazon and eBay has driven up the demand for marketplace development services. Business owners turn to software consultancies to launch a thriving e-commerce website. Here comes a question: what do they need to get the most successful online marketplace website? We believe that a profitable e-commerce project starts with the right tech stack. The main qualities that a modern marketplace should possess are scalability, easy customizations, and flexibility. Therefore, it’s important to choose the technologies that will help these qualities.

      The hype around Amazon and eBay has driven up the demand for marketplace development services. Business owners turn to software consultancies to launch a thriving e-commerce website. Here comes a question: what do they need to get the most successful online marketplace website?

      We believe that a profitable e-commerce project starts with the right tech stack. The main qualities that a modern marketplace should possess are scalability, easy customizations, and flexibility. Therefore, it’s important to choose the technologies that will help these qualities.

    1. POC vs MVP: What to Choose to Build a Great ProductDmitryCEOMVPHomeBlogEntrepreneurshipPOC vs MVP: What to Choose to Build a Great ProductPublishedNov 10, 2021UpdatedNov 11, 202115 min readWhen it comes to creating a new product or implementing a new feature, you need to test it first. The best way to do so is to check your idea with the appropriate steps. There are several software product stages: PoC, prototype, MVP, etc. What is the difference between proof of concept vs. MVP? Why are these stages essential? When should you build a Minimum Viable Product? This article focuses on two fundamental approaches that help test your idea quickly and create a successful solution.

      When it comes to creating a new product or implementing a new feature, you need to test it first. The best way to do so is to check your idea with the appropriate steps. There are several software product stages: PoC, prototype, MVP, etc.

      What is the difference between proof of concept vs. MVP? Why are these stages essential? When should you build a Minimum Viable Product?

      This article focuses on two fundamental approaches that help test your idea quickly and create a successful solution.

  26. Oct 2021
    1. Academia: All the Lies: What Went Wrong in the University Model and What Will Come in its Place

      “Students are graduating into a brutal job market.”

      The entreprecariat is designed for learned helplessness (social: individualism), trained incapacities (economic: specialization), and bureaucratic intransigence (political: authoritarianism).

      The Design Problem

      Three diagrams will explain the lack of social engagement in design. If (in Figure 1) we equate the triangle with a design problem, we readily see that industry and its designers are concerned only with the tiny top portion, without addressing themselves to real needs.

      Figure 1: The Design Problem

      (Design for the Real World, 2019. Page 57.)

      The other two figures merely change the caption for the figure.

      • Figure 1: The Design Problem
      • Figure 2: A Country
      • Figure 3: The World
    1. A retrospective of 50 years as a human being on planet Earth.

      The Art of Noticing

      This is a compilation of articles that I had written as a way to process the changes I was observing in the world and, consequently, in myself as a reaction to the events. I have come to think of this process as the art of noticing. This process is in contrast to the expectation that I should be a productive member of society, a target market, and a passive audience for charismatic leaders: celebrities, billionaires, and politicians.

      • Social: fame
      • Economic: wealth
      • Political: power

      An Agent of Change

      To become an agent of change is to recognize that we are not separate, we are not individuals, we are not cogs in a machine. We are complex and diverse. We are designers. We are a creative, collective, self-organizing, learning community.

      We are in a process of becoming—a being journey:

      • Personal resilience
      • Social influence
      • Economic capacity
      • Political agency
      • Ecological harmony

      This is how we shift from an attention economy to an intention economy. Rather than being oriented toward the failures of the past, the uncertainty of the present, or the worries of the future, in a constant state of anxiety, stress, and fear, we are shifting our consciousness to manifest our intention through perception (senses), cognition (mind), emotion (heart), and action (body). We are exploring how we imagine, design, and build the future together.

      We are the builders collective.

      We are one.

    1. In social science, agency is defined as the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices.

      This blends autonomy & agency. Agency seems about capacity / capability to act. Autonomy seems to be more about the range of choices one has.

  27. Sep 2021
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    1. Before beginning this piece I'm reminded to note some advice given to me by Rick Kurtzman at Creative Artists Agency (CAA) on reading scripts: If you're not going to act on having read (a script), then why bother having read it in the first place?

      He meant to make notes, write coverage, create writer lists for rewriting, producer lists for selling, director list for directing, casting lists. One should tell people about the (good) things one read. Make your reading produce something.

  28. Aug 2021
    1. DCOP

      there's some other good little nuggets about but a DCOP shout out is probably the best. today the only programmable/malleable software we have is the web, and DCOP was a more extensive hooks into the heart of a system than what we can do with the web.

    1. To connect with students more deeply, we designed a quantitative and qualitative study inquiring into undergraduates’ opinions about best practices for antiracist pedagogy at our university.

      Students as objects of study, not as participants. Is that really "feedback"?

  29. Jul 2021
  30. Jun 2021
    1. reflecting on the year after george floyd for me is that the different responses that we all have right are valid and true and authentic and they create

      reflecting on the year after george floyd for me is that the different responses that we all have right are valid and true and authentic and they create possibilities when they're read in you know its full context um but some of what is happening or some of what the role of the the classroom or the the person is to do is to try to say this is the range of the acceptable response and i feel like as a teacher our role is to kind of say you get to choose how you want to show up but base it in something that's real that's authentic that's not just about you this but it's about the collective so how do we cultivate that connection to collectivity how do we cultivate that ethical uh commitment and conviction to one another but at the end of the day how do we allow young people and everyone really the agency um to decide how they want to like show up—Christopher R. Rogers (autogenerated transcript)

      This is a powerful teaching philosophy. Return to reflect on this.