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    1. on sait que le principe d'égalité ne s'oppose pas à ce que des situations différentes soi traité différemment on sait aussi que lorsque les situations ne sont pas 00:09:42 différentes le traitement ne peut normalement pas être différencié sauf si un intérêt général justifie de favoriser certains par rapport à d'autres et il 00:09:53 faut alors sauf à justifier n'importe quelle discrimination que l'intérêt général invoque soit en rapport avec l'objet de la mesure là aussi il ne suffit pas de trouver un intérêt général 00:10:06 quelconque il faut trouver l'intérêt général pertinent
    2. elle conduisait très directement l'administration à faire usage de ses pouvoirs dans un but autre que celui pour lesquel ces pouvoirs lui avaient été confiés agir dans un but d'intérêt général alors que cet intérêt 00:09:18 général n'est pas pertinent et constitutif d'un détournement de pouvoir
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    1. Was Ronald Reagan's shift in politics an example of “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” (Upton Sinclair)? (see also: https://quoteinvestigator.com/2017/11/30/salary/)

      Link to https://hypothes.is/a/Kft7kDOrEe6TQKcW-dREwQ in The Big Myth on Regan's shift in political views while working for General Electric.

    1. Most Americans know that before becoming a politician Reaganwas an actor, but fewer are aware that Reagan’s flagging screencareer was revived by a job with the General Electric Corporation(GE). Reagan hosted the popular television show General ElectricTheater, where each week his voice and face reached into tens ofmillions of homes, promoting didactic stories of individualism andfree enterprise. At the same time, he traveled across the country onbehalf of GE—visiting factories, making speeches at schools, anddoing the dinner circuit in communities where GE had a presence—promoting the corporation’s stridently individualist antiunion andantigovernment vision.

      From a philosophical viewpoint, Reagan grew up in Dixon, Illinois a small town (surrounded by farmland) in North West-ish Illinois roughly on the border of the political borders of what Colin Woodard calls The Midlands and Greater Appalachia. He seems to have been a Midlander for the first half of his life, but obviously had an easy time moving to a more Greater Appalachia viewpoint when working for GE.

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    1. Q: What is global namespace? The global namespace is the namespace that contains namespaces and types that aren't declared inside a named namespace

      Q: How to use? ::global

      Ref: https://learn.microsoft.com/vi-vn/dotnet/csharp/language-reference/operators/namespace-alias-qualifier

    2. In C# 9.0 and later versions, when you use top-level statements in a Program.cs file, there is no default namespace defined.

      IF "there is no default namespace defined" = "without any namespace declaration" -> the code in Program.cs belongs to the global namespace since there is no default or explicit namespace specified in the file

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    1. Et les arrêts de la Cour de cassation commencent à suivre ce mouvement moins rigoriste pour ceux qui écrivent et publient ; en particulier en considérant que «  la bonne foi doit être appréciée   en tenant compte notamment du caractère d’intérêt général  ». En 2011, les Arènes et Denis Robert ont pu bénéficier de ce fléchissement. Les conditions restent difficiles à remplir pour exciper des exceptions de vérité comme de bonne foi ; mais « l’intérêt général », à défaut de pousser à une refonte de la loi, incite les juges à plus de modération.
    2. En outre, ces dernières années, plusieurs décisions rendues par la Cour Européenne des Droits de l’Homme se réfèrent à la notion d’intérêt général, qu’il s‘agisse d’admettre plus aisément la bonne foi comme, dans quelques cas, de permettre d’user de l’exception de vérité (en contournant notamment la fameuse règle des dix ans). Il ressort de cette jurisprudence que les restrictions à la liberté d’expression sont forcément d‘interprétation stricte.
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    1. Inborn errors of creatine metabolism and epilepsy: clinical features, diagnosis, and treatment

      PMID: 12597058

      Gene: GAMT

      Disease:GAMT deficiency

      Inheritance:Autosomal Recessive

    1. Biochemical and clinical characteristics of creatine deficiency syndromes

      PMID: 15625559


      Disease:GAMT deficiency

      Inheritance: Autosomal Recessive

    1. Diagnostic enzyme assay that uses stable-isotope-labeled substrates to detect L-arginine:glycine amidinotransferase deficiency

      PMID: 12709373

      Gene: GAMT

      Disease:GAMT deficiency

      Inheritance: Autosomal Recessive

    1. l-arginine:glycine amidinotransferase (AGAT) deficiency: clinical presentation and response to treatment in two patients with a novel mutation

      PMID: 20682460 Gene: GAMT Disease: GAMT deficiency Inheritance: X-linked

  9. Nov 2022
    1. Presence of guanidinoacetate may compensate creatine absence and account for less statin-induced muscle damage in GAMT-deficient compared to AGAT-deficient mice

      PMID: 32172372 Gene: GAMT Disease: GAMT deficiency Inheritance: X-linked

    1. LC-MS/MS measurements of urinary guanidinoacetic acid and creatine: Method optimization by deleting derivatization step

      PMID: 30858092 Gene: GAMT Disease: GAMT deficiency Inheritance: X-linked

    1. Case Study for the Evaluation of Current Treatment Recommendations of Guanidinoacetate Methyltransferase Deficiency: Ineffectiveness of Sodium Benzoate

      PMID: 24766785

      Gene: GAMT

      Disease: GAMT deficiency

      Inheritance: X-linked

  10. Oct 2022
    1. Arginine:Glycine Amidinotransferase Deficiency: The Third Inborn Error of Creatine Metabolism in Humans

      PMID: 11555793

      Gene: GATM

      Disease: AGAT deficiency

      Inheritance: Autosomal Recessive

    1. X-Linked Creatine-Transporter Gene (SLC6A8) Defect: A New Creatine-Deficiency Syndrome

      PMID: 11326334

      Gene: SLC6A8

      Disease: creatine transporter deficiency

      Inheritance: X-linked

    1. Inborn errors of creatine metabolism and epilepsy

      PMID: 23157605

      Gene: SLC6A8

      Disease: Creatine transporter deficiency

      Inheritance: X-linked

    1. Title annotation

      PMID: 21308988

      Gene: SLC6A8

      Disease: Creatine transporter deficiency

      Inheritance: X-linked

      Case annotation

      Case#: N/A

      DiseaseAssertion: AGAT Deficiency

      FamilyInfo: N/A

      CasePresentingHPOs: HP:0000729, HP:0001249, HP:0002373, HP:0001252

      CaseHPOFreeText: mental retardation, autistic behavior, febrile seizures, hypotonia

      CaseNotHPOs: N/A

      CaseNotHPOFreeText: Developmental Delays, slow somatic growth

      Biochemical analyte testing: Plasma Creatine: low/normal and Urine Creatine: low/normal

      Brain Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS): N/A

      Creatine uptake assay:









    1. Adult GAMT deficiency: A literature review and report of two siblings

      PMID: 33996490

      Gene: GAMT

      Disease: GAMT deficiency

      Inheritance: Autosomal Recessive

    1. Pre-symptomatic treatment of creatine biosynthesis defects

      PMID: 18652077 Gene: GAMT Disease:GAMT deficiency Inheritance:Autosomal Recessive

      Not accessible

    1. Increased creatine demand during pregnancy in Arginine: Glycine Amidino-Transferase deficiency: a case report

      PMID: 32883247 Gene: GAMT Disease: GAMT deficiency Inheritance: X-linked

    1. Guanidinoacetic acid deficiency: a new entity in clinical medicine?

      PMID: 33029096 Gene: GAMT Disease: GAMT deficiency Inheritance: X-linked

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    1. Maria Kozhevnikov, a neuroscientist at the National University of Singapore and Massachusetts General Hospital

      !- reference : Maria Kozhevnikov - neuroscientist at National University of Singapore, Massachusetts General Hospital - Nangchen tow, Amdo region of Tibet - testing if g-tummo vase breathing technique could raise core body temperature. One monk raised body temp to that normally associated with a fever - published results in PLOS One

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    1. The template for what personal computing could become was really obvious by the end of the 1970s. If you look at Engelbart, it was obvious in 1968. But it did take quite a while for the computer chips to be powerful enough and inexpensive enough to make the kinds of things that billions of people use today.

      Ideas ahead of their time in the mainstream (not in the niches). Compare to Lernout and Hauspie wrt early natural language processing 1987-1998 and GPT-3 now.

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    1. mutations in the α-sarcoglycan gene (SGCA)

      PMID: 30989758

      Gene: SGCA

      HGNCID: 10805

      Case: 8 year old boy, Chinese.

      DiseaseAssertion: LGMD

      FamilyInfo: Family members denied relevant family history

      CasePresentingHPOs: HP:0006785, HP:0003551, HP:0003391, HP:0003560

      MotorAchievement: Noticed around 7 years old that he had trouble climbing stairs and standing up when crouching and had slower activity than other peers.

      CreatineKinase: Creatine kinase CK 15550U/L, MB fraction 276 U/L

      CasePreviousTesting:430 genes associated with muscular dystrophy were captured with a liquid catch kit.

      GenotypingMethod: NGS

      PreviouslyPublished: NA

      SupplementalData: NA

      Variant: NM_000023c.218 C>T

      ClinVarID: Unregistered varient

      CAID: Unregistered varient

      gnomAD: https://gnomad.broadinstitute.org/variant/17-48245003-C-T?dataset=gnomad_r2_1

      "0.000 Allele Frequency - East Asian

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    1. This would work if your transaction only wraps a single model's save operation. I need to wrap at least Node + Version + Attachment

      looking for a callback that you can register to happen after current transaction is committed, not just after_commit of model -- though actually, that might fire precisely when current transaction is committed, too (except that it might only get triggered for nested transactions, not the top-most transaction), so it could maybe go there ... but I think the problem is just that it doesn't belong there, because it's not specific to the model...

      I guess the OP said it best:

      I am not looking for model based after commits on update/create/etc, I want to be able to dynamically define a block that will be executed only if the current (top-most) transaction passes:

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    1. Capybara can get us part of the way there. It allows us to work with an API rather than manipulating the HTML directly, but what it provides isn't an application specific API. It gives us low-level API methods like find, fill_in, and click_button, but it doesn't provide us with high-level methods to do things like "sign in to the app" or "click the Dashboard item in the navigation bar".
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    1. shinydoc. (2021, December 12). I love how I, an actual GP...who was involved in the initial covid vaccination programme ...has to tune in at 8pm with the public to find out that apparently we are vaccinating the entire adult population with boosters by the end of the year [Tweet]. @irishayesha. https://twitter.com/irishayesha/status/1470123478221303810

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    1. Striketober

      I am just realizing that I was not listening to The New York Times about the strikes spreading across the United States of America. Of course, the editors would not want to be causing this mass panic or a labour movement.

      I was learning about this from Democracy Now!

    1. Striketober is the labor strike wave in October 2021 by workers in the United States in the context of strikes during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the month, more than 100,000 workers in the United States either participated in or prepared for strikes in one of the largest increases of organized labor in the twenty-first century.

      Perhaps people have finally had a chance to read Debt by David Graeber or Temp by Louis Hyman or Winners Take All by Anand Giridharadas.

      This is the great disillusionment in capitalism that Forbes will not talk about. What have we been building this whole time? Colonization, slavery, and genocide on steroids enabled by big tech and big business? Maybe people just want their self-respect back.

    1. The NetherlandsSchools in primary, secondary, vocational and higher education have been closed since March16 with the exception of children of parents with “essential jobs”(e.g. health care, education,public transport) (Rijksoverheid, 2020). It is anticipated that K-12 schools will have resumedorganising activities in schools before the start of the summer holidays, albeit in a customisedmanner in keeping with regulations issued by the National Institute for Public Health and theEnvironment (Algemene Vereniging Schoolleiders, 2020). It is expected that universities willorganise distance and online education until the end of the academic year, although somefacilities and buildings (library, research labs) are still accessible.As a result of the measures schools and universities faced decisions about how to continueteaching and learning and mandated that teachers and faculty move education online within amatter of days, requiring not only an enormous effort and flexibility from teachers andeducational support staff but also from students and their respective home-situation.The Netherlands has an advanced digital economy and the extent to which the internet isavailable to everyone is high (De Heij, 2019). The use of technology for teaching and learningis widely adopted in Dutch education (ten Brummelhuis and Binda, 2017; Bijleveld andHeuzels, 2020; SURF, Vereniging van Universiteiten and Vereniging van Hogescholen, 2018)Education inprecarioustimes
      1. Общ контекст и описание на ситуацията в началото на пандемията, включително готовност за преминаване към електронно обучение.
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    1. Normally, thousands of rabbits and guinea pigs are used andkilled, in scientific laboratories, for experiments which yieldgreat and tangible benefits to humanity. This war butcheredmillions of people and ruined the health and lives of tens ofmillions. Is this climax of the pre-war civilization to be passedunnoticed, except for the poetry and the manuring of the battlefields, that the“poppies blow”stronger and better fed? Or is thedeath of ten men on the battle field to be of as much worth inknowledge gained as is the life of one rabbit killed for experi-ment? Is the great sacrifice worth analysing? There can be onlyone answer—yes. But, if truth be desired, the analysis must bescientific.

      Idea: Neural net parameter analysis but with society as the 'neural net' and the 'training examples' things like industrial accidents, etc. How many 'training examples' does it take to 'learn' a lesson, and what can we infer about the rate of learning from these statistics?

    2. What we call progressconsists in coordinating ideas with realities

      "The map is not the territory" is there as a basic sentiment long before General Semantics

    3. What is the defining or characteristic mark of humanity?To this question two answers and only two have been given in thecourse of the ages, and they are both of them current to-day. Oneof the answers is biological—man is an animal, a certain kind ofanimal; the other answer is a mixture partly biological and partlymythological or partly biological and partly philosophical—manis a combination orunionof animal with something supernatural.An important part of my task will be to show that both of theseanswers are radically wrong and that, beyond all things else, theyare primarily responsible for what is dismal in the life and historyof humankind. This done, the question remains: What is Man? Ihope to show clearly and convincingly that the answer is to befound in the patent fact that human beings possess in varyingdegrees a certain natural faculty or power or capacity whichserves at once to give them their appropriate dignity as humanbeings and to discriminate them, not only from the minerals andthe plants but also from the world of animals, this peculiar orcharacteristic human faculty or power or capacity I shall call[004]

      Here Korzybski defines how he thinks his thinking diverges from previous work, what in his thought is novel. It is very specifically the idea that the spirit-animal and the animal conception of man are inadequate and that the time-binding posterity man is his nature(?).

    4. It is useless to argue if electricity be“natural”or“supernatu-ral,”of“material”or of“spiritual”origin. As a matter of fact wedo not ask these questions in studying electricity; we endeavorto find out the natural laws governing it and in handling livewires we do not argue or speculate about them—we use rubber[xi]gloves, etc. It will be the same with Man and the great affairs ofMan—we have, first of all, to know what Man is.

      This basically materialist approach, believing that Man has a specific nature which can be described and planned around accords with the zeitgeist of the 1920's, and it's of course correct. Its declining popularity in the ensuing decades points more to a declining society than to any essential incorrectness.

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    1. "Many North American music education programs exclude in vast numbers students who do not embody Euroamerican ideals. One way to begin making music education programs more socially just is to make them more inclusive. For that to happen, we need to develop programs that actively take the standpoint of the least advantaged, and work toward a common good that seeks to undermine hierarchies of advantage and disadvantage. And that, inturn, requires the ability to discuss race directly and meaningfully. Such discussions afford valuable opportunities to confront and evaluate the practical consequences of our actions as music educators. It is only through such conversations, Connell argues, that we come to understand “the real relationships and processes that generate advantage and disadvantage”(p. 125). Unfortunately, these are also conversations many white educators find uncomfortable and prefer to avoid."

    1. There were attempts to simplify this setup by building specific browsers (such as capybara-webkit and PhantomJS) providing such APIs out-of-box, but none of them survived the compatibility race with real browsers.
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    1. Darren Dahly. (2021, February 24). @SciBeh One thought is that we generally don’t ‘press’ strangers or even colleagues in face to face conversations, and when we do, it’s usually perceived as pretty aggressive. Not sure why anyone would expect it to work better on twitter. Https://t.co/r94i22mP9Q [Tweet]. @statsepi. https://twitter.com/statsepi/status/1364482411803906048

    1. ReconfigBehSci on Twitter: ‘the SciBeh initiative is about bringing knowledge to policy makers and the general public, but I have to say this advert I just came across worries me: Where are the preceding data integrity and data analysis classes? Https://t.co/5LwkC1SVyF’ / Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved 18 February 2021, from https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1362344945697308674

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    1. An example of this would be a button that looks clickable but isn’t, underlined text that doesn’t contain a link, or a TV remote that turns on your lights but not the TV. False affordances are often present by mistake or occur due to lack of effective design techniques.
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    1. xdg-open should do the same thing - actually, it will call gnome-open, or kde-open, or whatever, depending on your desktop environment. Thus it's more portable.
    2. The advantage is that you can use gnome-open for almost all file-types, URIs and directories. It's one command to learn, instead of trying to remember about obscure commands like sensible-browser
    1. There are myriads of platformers around, it's an oversaturated market, and just like industrial designer Karim Rashid said about there being no excuse by this point to make an uncomfortable chair, there's no excuse by this point to make a boring patformer.
    1. There are plenty of words and acronyms you can put in front of “Designer”. Product, Web, Graphic, UX, UI, IA, etc. The lines between each are blurry, and the titles go in and out of fashion. Depending on the project and team I’m working alongside, I practice them all to varying degrees. I prefer to call myself; “A Designer.”
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    1. 3)(A) The warning shall also contain any article or articles requested by a petition signed by at least five percent of the voters of the municipality and filed with the municipal clerk not less than 47 days before the day of the meeting. (B) The clerk receiving the petitions shall immediately proceed to examine them to ascertain whether they contain the required number of signatures of registered voters set forth in subdivision (A) of this subdivision (3). If found not to conform, he or she shall state in writing on the petition why it cannot be accepted, and within 24 hours from receipt, he or she shall return it to the petitioners. In this case, supplementary petitions may be filed not later than 48 hours after the petition was returned to the petitioners by the clerk or the filing deadline set forth in subdivision (A) of this subdivision (3), whichever is later. However, supplementary petitions shall not be accepted if petitions with signatures of different persons totaling at least the number specified in subdivision (A) of this subdivision (3) were not filed by the filing deadline. (C) A petition submitted under this subdivision (3): (i) may include more than one proposed article; (ii) shall contain the petition language on each page on which signatures are collected; and (iii) shall include the printed name, signature, and street address of each voter who signed the petition. (D) A voter may withdraw his or her name from a petitioned article at any time prior to the signing of the warning by a majority of the legislative body.

      VT Constitution

      Petitions for Ballot Question

      Rules governing petitions

    1. One way to alleviate this configuration fatigue is by making configuration consistent and composable. That’s what Sprocket’s new “manifest.js” seeks to do.
    1. Not all cases can be covered and easily restored. And sometimes when we will reuse this function for different use-cases we will find out that it requires different restore logic.
    2. But why do we return 0? Why not 1? Why not None? And while None in most cases is as bad (or even worse) than the exceptions, turns out we should heavily rely on business logic and use-cases of this function.
    3. So, the sad conclusion is: all problems must be resolved individually depending on a specific usage context. There’s no silver bullet to resolve all ZeroDivisionErrors once and for all. And again, I am not even covering complex IO flows with retry policies and expotential timeouts.
    1. while ActiveForm currently fits 99% of my use cases, I do sometimes make modifications based on the product requirements
    2. I will continue to use form objects and push changes into the repo when I feel they are universally relevant and valuable.

      new tag?:

      • code that is universally relevant/valuable
      • non - _-specific logic
  28. Jan 2021
    1. A Svelte component that monitors an element enters or leaves the viewport/parent element. Performant and efficient thanks to using Intersection Observer under the hood. Can be used in multiple projects including lazy loading images, infinite scrolling, playing/pausing the video when in the viewport, tracking user behaviour firing link pre-fetching and animations and many many more.
    1. § 2661. Reconsideration or rescission of vote (a) A warned article voted on at an annual or special meeting of a municipality shall not be submitted to the voters for reconsideration or rescission at the same meeting after the assembly has begun consideration of another article. If the voters have begun consideration of another article, the original article may only be submitted to the voters at a subsequent annual or special meeting duly warned for the purpose and called by the legislative body on its own motion or pursuant to a petition requesting such reconsideration or rescission signed and submitted in accordance with subsection (b) of this section. A vote taken at an annual or special meeting shall remain in effect unless rescinded or amended. (b) If a petition requesting reconsideration or rescission of a question considered or voted on at a previous annual or special meeting is filed with the clerk of the municipality within 30 days following the date of that meeting, the legislative body shall provide for a vote by the municipality in accordance with the petition within 60 days of the submission at an annual or special meeting duly warned for that purpose. The number of signatures required for a petition for reconsideration or rescission shall be not less than five percent of the registered voters unless the voters of the municipality increase that percentage pursuant to the following: (1) At a meeting duly warned for the purpose, the voters of a municipality may require that a petition for reconsideration be signed by a percentage of registered voters that is not less than five percent nor greater than 20 percent. (2) A vote to increase the percentage of voters required to sign a petition for reconsideration or rescission to up to 20 percent shall be in substantially the following form: "Shall the (name of municipality) increase the percentage of voters required on a petition for reconsideration or rescission from five to (up to 20) percent?" (3) Once the voters of a municipality have voted to require a new percentage, that percentage shall remain in effect until the voters of the municipality vote to change the percentage. (c) A question voted on shall not be presented for reconsideration or rescission at more than one subsequent meeting within a one-year period, except with the approval of the legislative body. (d) For a vote by Australian ballot: (1) The form of the ballot shall be as follows: "Article 1: [cite the article to be reconsidered as lastly voted]." (2) Absentee ballots for the reconsideration or rescission vote shall be sent to any voter who requested an absentee ballot for the initial vote on the article to be reconsidered or rescinded, whether or not a separate request for an absentee ballot for the reconsideration or rescission vote is submitted by the voter. (e) A majority vote in favor of reconsideration or rescission of a question voted on by paper or Australian ballot shall not be effective unless the number of votes cast in favor of reconsideration or rescission exceeds two-thirds of the number of votes cast for the prevailing side at the original meeting unless the voters of the municipality approve a different percentage pursuant to the following: (1) At a meeting duly warned for the purpose, the voters of a municipality may require that a vote in favor of reconsideration or rescission shall not be effective unless the number of votes cast in favor of reconsideration or rescission exceeds a certain percentage of the number of votes cast for the prevailing side at the original meeting. (2) A vote to increase or decrease the percentage shall be in substantially the following form: "Shall the (name of municipality) change the percentage of votes cast in favor of reconsideration or rescission required for a vote to reconsider or rescind a question considered