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  1. Mar 2024
    1. The master of ceremonies was their Indian interpreter, Squanto, who hadhelped the English survive a difficult winter. Left out of this story is thedetail (not so minor) that Squanto only knew English because he had beenkidnapped and sold as a slave to an English ship’s captain.

      The fact that early Americans needed to be bailed out by others also doesn't seem to do anything to dampen either the mythology of American exceptionalism nor their "can-do attitude".

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    1. 结婚之后的生活好像也没有什么大的变化。但有的时候,也会不知道要表现的程度是多少,因为要在乎大家的感受。太有距离,会有人质疑说你们两个干嘛要保持距离;太close、太自然又怕有的人看了会不习惯。我的歌迷或者同事也在经历这个习惯的过程。结婚和公开让我觉得很踏实、幸福,让我觉得有一种重生的感觉。我的生命从此时此刻重新出发,跟我的听众、粉丝之间也再没有任何距离。我之前在自传中,有写到「不想让未来的妻子因为生子产生痛苦」,从年轻时候就这么想的。第一,我觉得人类生孩子本身就是一件辛苦的事情,女性很辛苦。有那么多纪录片、电视节目也都告诉你、跟你讲明白,生孩子是人类史上第一名的痛。我始终觉得,这个过程让女性承受太多的辛苦了。很多人喜欢体验那种养育生命的过程,那很美好啊。但对我们自己来说,当我们没有把握去面对它的时候,就不要去碰触它。我们俩最常碰到的一句话是,你们俩基因这么好,生的小孩一定很好,怎么不生?这句话已经给小孩极大的压力了,他还没存在,社会已经要这样看Ta了,小孩表现好就是应该的,他表现不好,就要拿来跟爸爸比、跟妈妈比,怎么比都不对。你爸这么会唱歌,你为什么不会唱歌?你爸球打这么好,你怎么运动细胞这么差?Ta还没有来到这个世界上,已经被论定了。这种东西很不好。没有哪一个星二代是不辛苦的,没有哪一个星二代是天天被鼓励的。我为什么要给我的孩子这么大压力。如果未来有一天,我们后悔了,可能会去认养小孩,那种爱是最纯粹的,就像我爱我的猫猫狗狗一样。我跟他们没有血缘关系,但我对他们的爱是很纯粹的,他怎么样,我都觉得好。这种爱我觉得是最干净的、最纯粹的。萧敬腾和summer结婚登记


  3. Mar 2023
    1. Sustainable consumption scholars offer several explanations forwhy earth-friendly, justice-supporting consumers falter when itcomes to translating their values into meaningful impact.
      • Paraphrase
      • Claim
        • earth-friendly, justice-supporting consumers cannot translate their values into meaningful impact.
      • Evidence
      • “the shading and distancing of commerce” Princen (1997) is an effect of information assymetry.
        • producers up and down a supply chain can hide the negative social and environmental impacts of their operations, putting conscientious consumers at a disadvantage. //
      • this is a result of the evolution of alienation accelerated by the industrial revolution that created the dualistic abstractions of producers and consumers.
      • Before that, producers and consumers lived often one and the same in small village settings
      • After the Industrial Revolution, producers became manufacturers with imposing factories that were cutoff from the general population
      • This set the conditions for opaqueness that have plagued us ever since. //

      • time constraints, competing values, and everyday routines together thwart the rational intentions of well-meaning consumers (Røpke 1999)

      • assigning primary responsibility for system change to individual consumers is anathema to transformative change (Maniates 2001, 2019)
      • This can be broken down into three broad categories of reasons:

        • Rebound effects
          • https://jonudell.info/h/facet/?max=100&expanded=true&user=stopresetgo&exactTagSearch=true&any=jevon%27s+paradox
          • increases in consumption consistently thwart effciency-driven resource savings across a wide variety of sectors (Stern 2020). -sustainability scholars increasingly critique “effciency” both as:
            • a concept (Shove 2018)
            • as a form of“weak sustainable consumption governance” (Fuchs and Lorek 2005).
          • Many argue that, to be successful, effciency measures must be accompanied by initiatives that limit overall levels of consumption, that is, “strong sustainable consumption governance.
        • Attitude-behavior gap

        • Behavior-impact gap

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    1. Learners’ pronunciation will improve when they feel more comfort-able about the way they sound when they speak the foreign languageand when they develop positive attitudes towards the native speakersof the foreign language.

      Psychological effects on learners' pronunciation It's the teacher's roles to help students relax and develop positive attitude when learning English



  9. Apr 2022
    1. Some students coming to online collaborative learning for the first time do not care for the idea of group work and can be apathetic or even on occasion actively hostile to the whole idea (Roberts & McInnerney, 2007). Students struggle with the development of a sense of interdependence and intersubjectivity with their online groups (Lushyn & Kennedy, 2000) but end up holding fast to subjective, individualistic conceptions of learning.

    1. ReconfigBehSci [@SciBeh]. (2021, November 27). @STWorg @PhilippMSchmid @CorneliaBetsch because I’m worried they will bring something from school and now I’m on my way to the cemetery. It’s outrageous what things are like here, it shouldn’t be like this, and if they had just done something about it in the summer it would all be half as bad." [Tweet]. Twitter. https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1464661059034251266

    1. ReconfigBehSci [@SciBeh]. (2021, November 26). Clearly we haven’t “kept borders closed forever”—Most borders have been open for many months now. The question is whether we urgently close a particular border now. “kept borders closed forever” = straw man (and I say this as a researcher on fallacies of argumentation) [Tweet]. Twitter. https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1464131447799922689

  10. Mar 2022
    1. ReconfigBehSci. (2022, March 12). @rwjdingwall @mugecevik @RobFreudenthal 2/2 it’s like comparing how wet you got in a down pour with and without umbrella... The biggest surprise to me in this pandemic hasn’t been the “overreaction” it’s been the constant failure with respect to basic counter-factual reasoning [Tweet]. @SciBeh. https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1502681510436130831

    1. Prof Peter Hotez MD PhD. (2021, December 30). When the antivaccine disinformation crowd declares twisted martyrdom when bumped from social media or condemned publicly: They contributed to the tragic and needless loss of 200,000 unvaccinated Americans since June who believed their antiscience gibberish. They’re the aggressors [Tweet]. @PeterHotez. https://twitter.com/PeterHotez/status/1476393357006065670

    1. Their dismissive attitude of, it's not an OBS bug is off-putting, how do they know? I was told I am not using their support version of Linux so they closed off my bug and told me to go on the forum.
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    1. ReconfigBehSci. (2022, January 19). @OmicronData @timcolbourn it’s not actually a logical truth that such a point exists- it is logically entirely possible that the costs of trying to live with the virus outweighs those of elimination. Which is more costly is thus an empirical question [Tweet]. @SciBeh. https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1483822871428452360

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    1. Hornsey, M. J., Harris, E. A., & Fielding, K. S. (2018). The psychological roots of anti-vaccination attitudes: A 24-nation investigation. Health Psychology: Official Journal of the Division of Health Psychology, American Psychological Association, 37(4), 307–315. https://doi.org/10.1037/hea0000586

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    1. PRIMM: Exploring pedagogical approaches for teaching text-based programming in school

      phase 1 study only but initial results show teacher interest in PRIMM method 80% of teachers stated that they were planning to use the PRIMM method, 13% said that they possibly would and only 7%said that they would not.

    1. Using wiki to create a learning community for chemistry teacher leaders

      Professors attitude to wikis and how opinions differ between demographics. Correlation between teachers' personal participation rate in the wiki environment and their perception of classrooms as student centered or teacher controlled

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